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  1. Temp 27 Dew point 5 Not a flake in Salisbury
  2. Crazy heavy sleet with flakes mixing in.
  3. Heavy sleet in Salisbury.
  4. 2 inches in Salisbury. Hasn't stopped since it started around 8 PM. Absolutely beautiful out there!
  5. One of the prettiest snowfalls I've seen in quite some time. This is my garden after about 10 inches of snow and sleet.
  6. Light snow off and on since 10 am here in Salisbury. No accumulation. Temp: 35.8
  7. Temp: 12.6 Dew Point: -8 Windchill: -2 Brrrr!
  8. I don't think we have had snow since the blue turd stopped jumping around. Can't someone in a position of power bring it back to life, if only for next week? You know, over the river and through the woods and all that?
  9. Snowing in Salisbury!
  10. Heavy sleet for the last 30 minutes in Salisbury with big fat snow flakes mixed in. Temp 33.