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  1. snowcrazy

    Valentine's Day Storm Obs

    Temp 27 Dew point 5 Not a flake in Salisbury
  2. snowcrazy

    Blizzard of 2016 - Official Obs Thread

    Crazy heavy sleet with flakes mixing in.
  3. snowcrazy

    Blizzard of 2016 - Official Obs Thread

    Heavy sleet in Salisbury.
  4. snowcrazy

    February 25th-26th Winter Storm OBS

    2 inches in Salisbury. Hasn't stopped since it started around 8 PM. Absolutely beautiful out there!
  5. snowcrazy

    Storm Photos MECS Feb 12&13 2014

    One of the prettiest snowfalls I've seen in quite some time. This is my garden after about 10 inches of snow and sleet.
  6. snowcrazy

    The Big One - Observation

    Light snow off and on since 10 am here in Salisbury. No accumulation. Temp: 35.8
  7. snowcrazy

    January 6-8 2014 arctic attack obs thread...

    Temp: 12.6 Dew Point: -8 Windchill: -2 Brrrr!
  8. snowcrazy

    November Banter

    I don't think we have had snow since the blue turd stopped jumping around. Can't someone in a position of power bring it back to life, if only for next week? You know, over the river and through the woods and all that?