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  1. 26F down here in Southern Maryland.
  2. BWI 28.0" DCA 19.5" IAD 34.5" RIC 11.5" SBY 9"
  3. Are you forgetting about the March 4-6 2001 ultimate bust?? We went from being forecasted 24-36”+ to zippy in about 8 hours...
  4. That was the most epic ice storm of all time... Was out of school what seemed like forever... Friends of mine didn’t get power back for 3+ weeks.
  5. Yes we got about 18" out of that one in Charlotte Hall ( Where I grew up, at the northern tip of St. Marys) I remember I was up playing guitar when the 10 oclock news came on and Sue Palka said anyone who went to bed before this newscast is in for a rude awakening when they wake up!! That was such an awesome storm because we were supposed to get 1-2" of slop and then the storm was heading out to sea. The last couple years havent been great, but we have actually managed to eek out a little more than those in the northern portion of the sub-forum. I am hoping we get one HECS this year to ease the pain of the last few years.
  6. Gotcha. Feb 5-6 2010 was awesome here. 28.5" and another 8" a couple days later. Most ive ever seen here and I am a Native Southern Marylander.
  7. 1.5” measured in Prince Frederick, MD Steady Snow 29/27
  8. Amen Brother. Its gonna be nice down in our neck of the woods.
  9. Likewise. We ended up with anywhere between 3-5" in Central Calvert. Literally 15-20 min north and there was nothing.
  10. Vodka = Russia. Russia = Siberia. Siberia = Cold.
  11. Nothing like 70 degrees and shorts on Xmas... Seems to becoming a more common theme the last few years.... (Last year aside.)
  12. Same but we’re about 2 miles apart.. lol
  13. 50% chance snow from NWS for MBY in middle Calvert County. 40% tomorrow night. Hoping the percentages go up!!
  14. Dude... you need to seriously see a psychiatrist... Your statements change by the minute...
  15. Kocin-Uccellini You should buy these: https://www.amazon.com/Northeast-Snowstorms-1-2-Set/dp/1878220640
  16. Excellent points Mr. Chill. I can think of about 10,000 times (exaggerated slightly) we have been hoping for that kind of shift within 24-48 hrs. Guidance certainly is trending the wrong direction, but there isnt a snowballs chance in hell I throw the towel in on this one 4-5 days out...
  17. Well at least Stephens City isnt...