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  1. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/18/bill-ackman-pleads-to-trump-to-increase-closures-to-save-the-economy-shut-it-down-now.html?__source=sharebar|facebook&par=sharebar
  2. The ground is nice and cool, just ask @WxWatcher007
  3. @WxWatcher007 Daily lurker here. Throwing in the towel... What type of rooms do you have available?
  4. Its pretty obvious. But even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  5. That it shows the least amount of snow and has the highest percentage of accuracy. What an awful winter..
  6. 26F down here in Southern Maryland.
  7. Are you forgetting about the March 4-6 2001 ultimate bust?? We went from being forecasted 24-36”+ to zippy in about 8 hours...
  8. That was the most epic ice storm of all time... Was out of school what seemed like forever... Friends of mine didn’t get power back for 3+ weeks.
  9. Yes we got about 18" out of that one in Charlotte Hall ( Where I grew up, at the northern tip of St. Marys) I remember I was up playing guitar when the 10 oclock news came on and Sue Palka said anyone who went to bed before this newscast is in for a rude awakening when they wake up!! That was such an awesome storm because we were supposed to get 1-2" of slop and then the storm was heading out to sea. The last couple years havent been great, but we have actually managed to eek out a little more than those in the northern portion of the sub-forum. I am hoping we get one HECS this year to ease the pain of the last few years.
  10. Gotcha. Feb 5-6 2010 was awesome here. 28.5" and another 8" a couple days later. Most ive ever seen here and I am a Native Southern Marylander.
  11. 1.5” measured in Prince Frederick, MD Steady Snow 29/27
  12. Amen Brother. Its gonna be nice down in our neck of the woods.