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  1. Here in Fleetwood which is 10 mins from cross county Yonkers moderate rain temp 38;if flips to snow by 5 am ..and snows at a good clip until 11am ..I still see chance 3-5 inch snow fall ..but . we shall see ..
  2. TOTALLY agree; what a waste of PRECIP...anyhow im hopeful most areas 3-6 and a few 4-8 ..
  3. happy purim; my niece is thrilled she will get to make snowman. tomm ..this is one of my fav holidays . More fun to watch snow falling if you are blitzed lol ..
  4. based on this run ..what is time frame after flip to snow ?
  5. What is time frame for snow once it starts station had midnight flip to snow ..done by 10 am that correct??
  6. I agree ; guess one step at a time let's see where models are by tonight oz suite
  7. I think safe bet is 4-8 NYC ..I believe by tonight oz NWS may issue watches ...or maybe by 12z ...we shall see ..
  8. PB I hope you start thread I have feeling you will bring us luck
  9. At what point should we start a new thread for Thur potential snow ? I think by 12z if it still shows potential ..other opinions ??
  10. So ..if Gfs. Shows possible snow Thur ..then I think thread should be started for that potential .
  11. sought of like the game telephone ..the first person says 1-3 inches says 2-4..then next says 3-6 so on ..etc etc ..
  12. Partly to mostly cloudy here in north Bronx temp 26 degrees .
  13. I will be in north Bronx for mini event ..I think 3-4 inch snowfall good bet ..then rain week ..ugh great ..then following week IMO ..the window of opportunity for snow IMBY ..almost closes ..
  14. not the best way to forecast weather but ..thats there call IMO
  15. Just a quick many sun-monday events have we had in the past 7 weeks ?
  16. yeah I agree ; I think it's ridiculous to try and guess snow amounts etc sat oz suite will have better guidance ..IMO
  17. safe to say another messy Monday morning commute for most areas
  18. I know its Nam . ..but what does it say for sun night
  19. well ; for coasties and City folk very quickly next 2-3 weeks window of opportunity quickly closes ..IMO as for me ; just want to see NYC snowfall total at least 35 inches for the season ..
  20. curious to see oz suite tonight if ..3-4 inch Snow fall sign me up ...