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  1. Agree 1000% ....not to over use phrase but this is a classic NOWCAST event...i think some areas will get a lot more snow in part 2 then currently depicted just my opinion..
  2. Unfortunately for nyc folks this doesn't appear to be anything ...maybe 1 or 2 inches ...yes could be suprise deformation band etc ..but not counting on it ...i guess gotta be realistic this storm from the get go had NW ...event written all over it ...congrats to ..all seeing 5 plus ..our day will arrive .. lol .maybe
  3. In my location ....even though NWS said 6-12 ,,,, In my heart I knew 3-6 was the best call ,,,so we finished with about 3-4 inches of SLOP.... It is ,,,,what it is!! CONGRATS to those who got into the HEAVY SNOW AND THUNDER/LIGHTING ! I AM looking forward to tracking for next week's potential.....
  4. moderate to heavy snow,,,,about 3 inches here maybe 3.5
  5. Here in Fleetwood (which is near Cross County yonkers) had some thunder snow about a half an hour ago moderate snow about 2" so far...
  6. That's fine by me ! (never want to be in the bullyseye) this far out...MY GUT ...tells me by ,,,,by Friday Oz Suite ..(WE MAY SEE some amazing things) But as always,,,with POWDER KEG potential million ,,,dollar question will it go BOOM!
  7. Hello all ,,,My name is Rob I have been on this board since 2011 but re-joined in 2014,.due to family issues haven't posted much; Glad to be back here...I think this storm will "have some tricks up it's sleeves" ; Just my gut feeling ...I hope everyone who didn't cash in last week gets some snow this time around! Look forward to nowcasting this event...
  8. I am 44 years young. .remember that vividly waiting for Dr Joe Sobel reports. .also Dr frank field I liked alot
  9. My gut says ..End of FEB...until MiD MARCH ....POWDER KEG...POTENTIAL for snow will exist ...HOWEVER,,,,million dollar ques ,, as always ...WILL IT GO BOOM ...and for who ...
  10. My thoughts. .plenty of time. .powder keg potential coming soon ..million dollar question is will it go boom and for who ...
  11. First let me say ,,,,THE FAR NORTH FOLKS ,,,DESERVE a MAJOR STORM .,..I live here in Fleetwood which is considered Southern Westchester ,,..I WANT A "REAL SNOW CHANCE in next few weeks"...I DONT WANT TO HOPE FOR "IVT" ,,,I don't want to try and catch a wave ,,,,I don't want to watch a "FRONT END" thump of snow ...I WANT AT LEAST ONE MORE 6-12 inch snow fall bring it over 40+++ for another season !
  12. I think March has powder keg potential. million dollar question will it go BOOM. .time will tell ..
  13. I agree ..potential on long Island still. .but nyc others lucky to get some light snow. .I still think go forward pattern has potential. .nyc only needs 10 more inches or so to have another 40 inch winter. ..
  14. Please go over time frame ..wave one Is Friday ...when is time frame for potential wave #2 and #3
  15. Congrats you guy deserve this ..Heavy snow just moving in here ..
  16. yup awaiting rest of 18z suite then oz then euro lol
  17. NOWCAST EVENT best call NYC 4-8 inches. .any more a bonus imo. .all Other areas dependent on slight shifts ..
  18. Hello all ..hoping you guys get snowed in deserve it ..I'm all for sharing the snow wealth. .You know it's serious when Jim Cantore heading to your area ...
  19. Folks. .imo key runs tomm 12z and oz let's see what happens by then. .of course if GFS caves tonight to euro then ..yeah a cause for a bit of concern. .but not believing anything until oz wed
  20. I think they wait until oz wed or 6z thur ..but that's just splitting hairs lol
  21. Let's take a blend of Euro and GFS. Moderate snow fall for most ..let's not discuss totals wayyyy to soon ..