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  1. agreed ...too many people saying we are out of woods ..not soo fast ..lets see what models show by tonight..
  2. Visiting some friends here in Elmsford ; light snow and rain temp 35
  3. as much as I like snow and root for it I agree with your statement..
  4. Moderate snow here in North Bronx (Riverdale) sticking to everything finally ..
  5. Light snow here in North Bx , nothing stick (yet)
  6. ..was scrolling thru storm thread. .oh what a tangled web a fitting way to close snowfall season for Coast and city. ..IMO ..2-4 inch snowfall potential ..with a few grassy areas getting higher amounts much as I love snow ..this event ..has a high bust potential.. IMO ..due to ..climo ..but time will tell a side note ..people are bashing Met. ..Steve D..but he may not be crzy after all ..
  7. this is what I said yesterday ...still think its correct
  8. I think the best call right NOW... (IMO) 2-4 inch snow fall WITH a few "SUPRISE" 5+ and "GRASSY" area bonuses....
  9. how much snow did your area receive this winter? Before feeling sour think about overall winter ..cold .snow ..number of storms to track ..just my opinion ...
  10. I was living in Boston during the 95-96 winter fond memories of New England winters
  11. Congrats ; Boston ; I was up there in 95-96 ; I love NYC but ..nothing like New England winters IMO
  12. I was just outside..."OUCH" took a fall on some black ice BE CAREFUL out there...
  13. as much as I like snow ; nice to have warmer weather again ..
  14. totally agree as much as I like snow and tracking ; nice to see warmer weather for a bit next week
  15. AGREED! MAZEL TOV (CPK over 40+) for SEASON !
  16. CONGRATS NYC; despite AWFUL DEC and MOST OF JAN,,, AND "Without" BLOCKING and -NAO and yada yada...etc...still another 40+ winter ...
  17. CPK had 5.5 as of 3:17 pm (so I think we are close or at 40) Correct?
  18. Moderate/heavy snow here in Fleetwood around 5 inches thus far GREAT MARCH storm CONGRATS NYC (looks to be another 40 inch snow total for the season)