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  1. I agree with this not just because I want snow but ..many people on board with this ..
  2. Whether it's pam or not as long as we all track weather and keep banter in banter all is good right ?
  3. Will all due respect I know metsfan and wolf may seem snow bias in my opinion they both have a great deal of weather knowledge, to me alot of people are writing this winter off way to soon ..If I have read correctly both Wolf and Metsfan say by mid January things begin to favor cold/snow that sounds reasonable to me.
  4. [quote name="wolfsheepsheadbay" post="3798512" Hold tight. Rockin second half is coming.Agreed
  5. my allergist says not pollen just something from atmosphere not expecting let up until first snow fall go figure
  6. my allergies are terrible I have to see dr Monday to adjust meds ...enough is enough of this warmth ..
  7. agreed we had plenty of warmth this summer ...and fall time for cold and snow. ..
  8. I'm waiting to see models by Sunday to see if it really does start step down to more snow chances ..
  9. yeah but may not be until mid January or later. gut still says nyc ends up 30 + snow total this season we get their.a few big storms in February imo. .
  10. I hope by December 15 ..long range models show pattern flip ..but time will tell ..
  11. agreed until December 15 warmth ..then who knows. .but my thinking. .by January to mid January. .pattern flips imo
  12. with all due respect for people who enjoy warm weather I'm ready for cold and snow fall allergies are still flaring up. .60-65 temperatures won't help my allergies. .
  13. well ..rain storm with wet snow at the end of storm I would accept that. .. (past 2 hrs heavy rain here in Yonkers)
  14. fond memories. .silver lining this winter is once we get past 3 week period Dec 21- xmas I think all options on the table ..
  15. Patience will be Key for snow lovers ...December and maybe beginning of January may not produce much snow but then. . BAM...Snow machine in full force just my opinion ....
  16. our time will arrive by late December or early January ( just my opinion ) I'm referring to city and coast..inland sooner I suppose. .
  17. That's music to my ears ; tired of this 65 degree weather .. ( I know it's in fantasy land as of now but can't hurt to hope .. )
  18. Next week temp highs 60's would not be shocked to see some areas hit 70 but ..with that being said. .by December I have a gut feeling things will start aligning for snow chances ..just a hunch ..
  19. RECORD high for Friday 74 central park I think we go over that. .ugh allergies are really firing up; Once again with all due respect to people who love summer etc ..enough is enough. .cannot wait until fall type weather returns. .
  20. with all do respect for people who like warm weather it's heading towards November I'm ready for day time high 45-55 ;
  21. in my opinion like many say ..patience will be key ..if you like snow ..not really expecting any pattern flip until mid December. .just my gut feeling. .
  22. if they keep playing like this I agree
  23. Always nice to see flakes around I ; would like to see a consisent temperature range 55-60 day 35-45 night ...for this temperature range (NYC) will most likely have to wait another 3-4 weeks
  24. Glad we missed this event; about 6 more weeks we can start tracking snow events ..(hopefully)