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  1. many are VERY upset ,,,with Euro ... But my 2 cents .IS ... FOLKS ...ONLY TUE MORNING ,,,.so many model runs to go ..THERE is going to shifts ...there are going to BLIPS ,, IS this a SOUTH trend ,,, who knows ...LETS WAIT and see storm evolve ,,,its fun to watch ,,,BUT ...WE TRULY wont get a CLEAR picture until WED OZ suite ,,,at the earliest ...Just my opinion ...until then ,... we watch and wait ,,
  2. I fully expect a few runs to show either OTS. .or such sharp cutoffs ..etc ..but still my gut says by Wed 12Z suite .nyc may have a nice 4-8 inch snow fall on tap ..I just rather keep expectations low ..
  3. onto 12zgfs around 11-11:30am
  4. well said ..unfortunately only Sunday soo many runs to go soon as one model shows OTS or cutter. .people are going freak. .not me ..I'm watching tue oz or wed 12Z let's see where we are by then
  5. well said let's see where potential is by tue oz suite ...
  6. agreed this far out forget the details look for signals tue oz suite hopefully details more clear ..we shall see
  7. lol me too but 90% of Time 9 days out and you in bullseye won't stay that way imo. .
  8. On day 9 threat. .I think this stage you never want to be at bullseye..let's see where we stand by monday or tue oz suite steps at this stage. .
  9. I read on other thread ,,GFS still warm.. (just for kicks will wait up for EURO ) then by tomm OZ suite if no change then ready to throw in the towel for this event ... Then will patiently await next "Potential" VERY STUPID (imo) for people to cancel winter (its not even Jan 15) ....YES maybe cancel JANUARY ...BUT HECK...FEB AND MARCH COULD STILL BE SNOWFUL (JUST A HUNCH)...
  10. terrible trends today but not ready to throw towel in just yet ..let's see where we stand by Wed 12Z and oz suite
  11. I think every run next 2 days Will have different results hopefully by tue night oz suite or wed 12Z we can get some trend going
  12. at this point all solutions are on the table hopefully by Wed oz suite we get a more clear picture but for now model madness ..
  13. exactly what I said in our subforum ..plenty of time this early you never want to be in Bulls eye. .
  14. plenty of time for Jan 17 potential. .you never want to be in Bulls eye this far out
  15. I am sure models will. .flip flop. .many times. .let's see where we are at by Tuesday 12Z suite ..but very interested that at least for now something to discuss
  16. where is Tony he has gotta see that. .
  18. hopefully at some point op models catch up with. Ensembles.
  19. well said ..I think in between cold their will be moderation ..but only a brief spell then back to cold ..I believe like PB said,isotherm, earth light ..key dates to watch after Jan 15..
  20. lol ..ok let's leave out destructive part lots of snow fine by me..not 2-4 inches ..I'm talking HECS 24 plus. .
  21. Light sleet here in Fleetwood which is (10 mins from Cross County Yonkers)
  22. agreed I love snow but I'm focusing on January which will show improved pattern changes by Jan 20 imo
  23. Not gonna happen for this system but in previous years I remember situations where all was lost ...then bam a 12zgfs run brings back hope shows cold and snowy solution. .yup. .our time will arrive ..winter will arrive with Fury. .after Jan 17 just my opinion. .then most will be tracking snow by then. .
  24. this is something that worries me going forward. .but my gut says by 1/25 if we get real cold and right storm track we could overcome this