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  1. Still many model runs to go; will be curious to see where we are at by saturday. ...
  2. Here in Bronxville; 9 degrees be careful if you must venture out. ..ouch ..
  3. I could not post this in regular thread but. My thoughts are basic. From now until end of Jan ...cold ..a few blips of transient warmth ..and a few chances of snow Here and there ...then jackpot ..time will be Feb...I just got feeling mjo and other factors will really be lined up by then ..and could produce real snow chances ..I mean like mega storm 12-15 inches ..will my hunch be right or will it crash and burn..either way life goes on ..and such is the hobby we have.
  4. Despite last night euro which ..says no to NYC snow ..I'm taking this one step at time ..Am I correct by saying once the mjo into phase 7-8 snowy potential there ..time will tell.
  5. Cold is here ; eventually cold/snow will mesh and we get snow IMO if somehow between now and Jan 12 something can come together great other wise despite cold I believe between Jan 13-25 cutters I hear people speculate the SE ridge will hurt as more ..Lastly I think...Feb to March 15 is are real window of opportunity.. I'm basing the above on mostly a hunch ...let's see what transpires ..
  6. Back to weather ..banter ..I know some were and still are hoping for surprise from this clipper.. Coating to one inch fair call IMO .after that..who knows .I still say watch ,...out end of jan..Feb..but we shall see ...
  7. Folks, IMO lots of winter to go ..regardless of what models show let's see where we stand by jan 15..I still have this gut feeling ..we get our first big storm end of Jan or early theory is not based on any scientific data hence is why I am posting here in Banter.
  8. Don't give up ...buddy. .chance of clipper on Tue ..and ..who knows from there ..keep thinking snow and magic may happen lol
  9. Let's see what models look like by Sunday. For clipper. I would be very happy with 2-4 inch event but ...I don't trust any model just yet.
  10. Too early to RIP winter IMO. Epic winter . no...great winter no. .sub par.. Avg winter yeah I think so ..
  11. Tue ..if we get dusting ..that would be a start ...A journey of a thousand snowflakes. Has to begin somewhere..
  12. Hello all; happy new years ; following this weekend train wreck rain maker..let's hope for any bit of snow in Jan just to remind coasties/@ people near city what snow looks like. .but. .feels like that is a stretch at the moment ..with current pattern. .
  13. Soo .gfs I hear brings lots of rain for weekend. ..again. .dreaded cycle. .wash. .rinse repeat. Ugh ..happy new year ...but I still say watch out Feb ..snow will be here ( I hope). .
  14. I'm an old timer 43 years old, don't know how many winters I have seen where all seem lost ...then poof. .storms ..appear..cold air need not be my opinion may not get blizzard in Jan but will get our first taste of snow some point this month ..last few years have really spoiled many ..despite LT forecast that all but promised lots of snow ..we are not owed snow lol ...patience is key .my eyes Feb is going to be the jackpot month. .if I crash and burn with that statement so be it; this is the banter thread right ..with that said regardless of what models show I will not give up on winter until March 20...after that point yes. It can snow but for coast.. City..etc. Mostly garbage snow ..time will tell people ..
  15. I was looking thru winter archives and found two interesting articles ..The first being in the winter of 2006 before the Feb blizzard which gave NYC 26.9 inches of snow from that single event ..before that storm that winter was thought of as Very boring Weather expert Even referred to it as a relentless fall like pattern before that massive storm ..this article was from ny times so I trust the source ..I didn't go thru analogs and data so I'm in unsure if 2006 was nino or la nina winter etc . but anyhow second piece I found was only other snowless Jan NYC was 1933 2008 so I doubt we go snowless point being way too earlier to completely give up hope ..This is the part of the hobby that separates the true warrior and the others lol ..
  16. I know I saw before I know its cliche ..delayed not denied fits here ..for all those who doubt winter scroll up and read Don S. Post Very Well thought out ..many are disappointed me included ..but until March I'm not ready to throw in towel ..time will tell.. Snow weenies..there is light ahead just be patient snow will arrive sooner or later ..
  17. Are you talking about oz run of the gfs or the gfs para ?
  18. Just for kicks and laughs. .the 18z para gfs shows. Snow for sat . do I believe it no. But..heck ..some eye candy at this point. .
  19. Good find brings back memories. One other memory is heart break when we would miss storm ..and loop was not fully updated so would still have old foecast mixed with new one until they changed whole sequence .
  20. Lol ..I'm 43 years old I remb those good old days ..would listen to my little radio shack cube ...over and over and my heart would race when loop was updated...but I would pull my hair out lol waiting for updates or these long drawn out buoy reports that they would run
  21. Time will tell. My magic cube ..said maybe when I asked will it snow soon .lol
  22. Well ; good news I hear Euro day 8 shows snowstorm for our area. With this kind of winter any news must be welcomed. ..all kiddin aside I don't believe euro but. .I do believe it will snow sometime in January..last 2 times that were snowless was 2008 and before that was I believe 1933
  23. Folks as much as I want snow, its clear we are going to be snowless for the foreseeable future maybe some snow showers maybe a few flurries but any organized storms. .doubtful IMO ..I hope things change but such is the hobby we have chosen. For better or worse
  24. Quick Jan are they using new gfs para only. Or are they still going to use both. Thx in advance ..hope everyone had nice holiday.
  25. I want Xmas rain event to go by so we can get more clarity on what the future holds in terms of snow chances