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  1. Rochester going to run away with the golden snowball with that track. Buffalo gets nothing
  2. Stopped snowing, but good for a quick inch an interesting drive in. Maybe later we get another surprise...
  3. Snowing moderate to heavy in Lancaster. Roads covered. Is that lake effect setting up?
  4. Some nice tea kettle lake effect out over erie right now.
  5. Yep couldnt help myself lol. My wife named it optimus prime.
  6. If its just the motor one of the funnest projects ive done was swapping the tired old 8hp motor of my grandfathers snowblower and replacing it with a 13hp harbor freight engine for $300. I couldnt stop laughing the first time i used it. I forget for sure but pretty sure it bolted right up and i just needed a longer belt.
  7. Pretty heavy stuff, too much for my tractor with plow. Had to get out the snowblower.
  8. Not showing up on radar but a steady light snow has been falling the past couple hours in Clarence, about an inch on the grass.
  9. Home Depot pickup FTW. Same price as the trailer with less hassle.
  10. Give them time to settle dow. They just stopped the browns from the 1 like 8 times...
  11. winter of 76 started with a big ice storm...