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  1. One of my favorites. Always wished he had a longer/more successful career.
  2. Ha my mistake. I need to slow down and keep track of who’s posting. I can say from experience with CRN for piping that making anything in Canada that involves process piping is a giant pain in the ass
  3. If that were the method used pretty sure india and China would leave us high and dry. We wouldn’t see any vaccine for years.
  4. You have a source? I’m pretty sure most of the vaccine being used by Americans is being produced domestically. I work for a company that makes equipment for food/beverage/pharma and there’s been a rush on equipment since August.
  5. I'm not opposed to get the vaccine but wonder if having covid antibodies would allow me access to the stadium? This will be my first year with season tix, im hoping they dont limit attendance.
  6. Probably more to do with the giant deficit looming with people/businesses fleeing NYC.
  7. Yep, both had fevers of 100. I think I'm back to 100, I've resumed my workouts with no issues. Lifting lighter weight than normal to be safe and cardio was consistent in HR with what I did before. My wife is still feeling exhausted but we cant figure out if that's just work related stress or not.
  8. Watch Cam Newton come back next year and tear it up...I couldnt imagine playing any sport at a high level right now.
  9. Word of advice for anyone recovering...take it easy. I thought I was back to 100% Wednesday so I got a shoulder workout in. Somewhat light weight compared to normal, and shoulders are usually my easiest workout. Woke up with the worst migraine yesterday morning, was completely drained and dehydrated. Going to try some light cardio later today and see what happens.
  10. Hers are about the same with exception to the skin sensitivity. Ironically she was scheduled for the vaccine Friday but had to cancel because of the active infection.
  11. I’d say that I foolishly thought I’d be one of the asymptomatic cases. Overall I’d liken it to mild case of the flu with a couple of weird symptoms. Here’s my timeline: Tuesday: Noticed my cardio workout was a little tough. I compared my heart rate to the previous like session and averaged 10bpm higher. Body was sore but was attributing that to a leg workout the previous Friday. Wednesday. Sore and irritable. Talking winded me. My skin was sensitive, like a light sunburn. Thursday: More of the same but more intense. Nasal congestion started along with a sore throat. Was tested that morning. Friday: Same as above but lost sense of taste around lunch time. Ended up falling asleep around 6 pm. Wife’s test results came back positive. Saturday: Aches and sunburn feeling went away but very congested. Was able to be productive around the house but had to nap at one point. Today(Sunday): Not as congested. No aches, am able to be productive with getting winded. Maybe a little tired. Sitting on the patio annoying the sun. Im going to wait till next weekend to hit the gym, in the meantime I’ve just been force feeding myself. This no taste thing sucks. It’s not your entire tongue. Things that are bitter stand out.
  12. Whatever variant I have is kicking my ass. Must be Brazilian. Ya @TugHillMatt I got rid of social media about 5 years ago because of that, my wife too. We’re part of maybe 50 people under 40 wo facebook. Do not miss.