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  1. Current view in Joplin Mo. everyone here is losing their minds over this “snowstorm”.
  2. I’m so over this.
  3. Yay. 30 and rain. Roads seem fine for now but a lot of glaze on trees and cars.
  4. Wow just got notification I can get vaccinated as part of the 1B roll out which includes employers in food and beverage. I was wrong on how quickly we’d be able to produce and distribute a vaccine.
  5. Wth Steelers... looks like it’s the ravens next week at this rate.
  6. My wife and I have been keto for over ten years now, both in great shape and vitals. I’ve had friends try it and experience the same thing you are. I’d make sure you’re getting enough calories, it’s definitely tougher getting what you need without carbs.
  7. Crazy man, sorry to hear and hope you get better soon. Your story reminds me of how caffeinated alcoholic drinks were causing issues a few years back and had to be banned. Im sure your dr is advising you but I hope you didn’t cut out all caffeine. Caffeine withdrawal can be rough and might be adding to your symptoms.
  8. Read the article. Two different professors are quoted as saying it reduces effectiveness. That would qualify as resistant... According to Shabir Madhi, a professor of vaccinology who is leading trials of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine in South Africa, the mutated variant of the virus might "weaken the impact" of vaccines. John Bell, a professor who led the development of the AstraZeneca-University of Oxford COVID-19 vaccine, has also voiced concern about the effectiveness of current vaccines on the 501Y.V2 variant. "The mutations associated with the South African form are really pretty substantial changes in the structure of the protein. The protein has a domain, which binds to the human cells—it's called the receptor-binding domain, and it's where the virus attaches itself," he said on Sunday. "If you get an immune response that protects you, one of the ways it protects you is it gets in the way of that binding event. So you rely on antibodies to bind to that domain to stop the virus from binding onto yourself. That's basically the whole basis for vaccines. If you get an infection, you make antibodies to that domain that prevent you getting reinfected."
  9. So this was bound to happen but I'm surprised it happened so quickly. I would have expected widespread vaccine distribution to have been in play first.
  10. Looks like a nice little burst to move through and freshen everything this morning.
  11. Let us know how you make out. It’s a crap shoot, a couple plants I’ve been in have had cases and it was hit or miss as to who got it. People who you’d think should have got it didn’t, and people who were nowhere near the infected did.
  12. Put your tin hats on, second 40yo gop Congressman this week dead from covid...