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  1. I was hoping to see something in the works for Sunday that would get me stuck here. The micro climate here (st Lucia)is just as interesting as home, you can see the effects elevation has on rainfall in the vegetation clearly.
  2. This is exactly what I was going to say. You can’t use the coldest ten years in record keeping as your starting point. My next argument would be to ask how much has urbanization heat sink affected this? Much of the area was still farms in the 70s.
  3. I just want everyone here to get enough snow next week that I cant get down my driveway when i get back from vaca. At least that's what happened last time i was in St Lucia 10 years ago...
  4. I'm also glad as it means I probably wont go through the hell of canceled flights I went through last year trying to get out out of Buffalo Saturday morning...
  5. Its a ways out but anyone have thoughts on timing saturday? I have a 530 am flight to nyc to catch, second leg to st lucia is at 830...
  6. Ya the previous owner installed a whole home generator for that reason. I’m sure all of the dead ash out here don’t help. My first house was in Williamsville near Westwood and I don’t remember losing power there in 7 years.
  7. So far just a bunch of kindling on the ground. Our property is full of large dead ash, one of these storms I’m going to have my work cut out for me.
  8. We’ve been on backup power since 530, local cell phone tower is having issues as well. Waiting for light to see how much firewood to cut up.
  9. Def see the beagle. We rescued ours and did the doggy dna test, 50% st bernard, 25% beagle, 18% great pyr and the rest mut.
  10. Same here, except im 36, celebrating 10 years in St Lucia in a week. Our puppies are our kids, currently have a lab mix and a St Bernard beagle mix. Share the same feelings on people vs dogs as @wolfie09. I can watch a war movie but not marley and me. Glad to see other couples out their the same, all of our groups of friends have slowly disappeared into their child's lives lol.
  11. Your example of tannehill is exactly why we should stick with Allen. Allen is still developing and needs a better supporting cast. Look what happened when Tannehill got that.
  12. Just flipped to snow here. Hope it stays that way, everything dusted over pretty quickly.
  13. We got a dusting here this morning that has already melted. Here's to hoping this lil bit of LES over performs.