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  1. Anyone else notice how inconsistent reporting is in some other countries? Here is France for example. Today they're already approaching 12k new cases. On the 4th they reported an additional 18k cases that were unreported from nursing homes.
  2. Plus they're plenty of people who will take the extra money and work side jobs off the books.
  3. That's sad. I remember back in 08/09 hearing my dad and his friends talk about how they were taking advantage of the extended unemployment at that time. And just last week we interviewed someone who said they were going to have to decline because they'd rather be on unemployment making $1100 a week doing nothing than $1200+ a week working a job.
  4. Something happened with data correction yesterday. This morning new cases for yesterday was about 80k. Now it’s 101k new cases globally yesterday.
  5. This is only in Italy and only with the entire country locked down, correct?
  6. I have a feeling games will be played with no fans this fall...
  7. I cant wait till the day I can watch a series on HBO but what really happened in China...I'm betting its worse than Chernobyl. Best case scenario(realistic):
  8. Yep. And the curve in places like Italy is only flat lining while keeping everyone locked down. Release the restrictions and you'll see the new per day spike again.
  9. The end game strategy right now isn't eradication but herd immunity. Ultimately 60% or more of the global population will become infected. Once the rate of infection levels off and slows shouldn't we purposely inoculate healthy young adults who are able to quarantine while ill?
  10. Could have been child’s health plus that covered it. One way or another the it’s in the hospitals best interest to find a program that works. They can’t deny care if it’s non profit. As far as long term care goes you’re right, the cost is insurance cost prohibitive for many. This is going to sound insensitive but I think you have to plan for it. My wife’s family members that ended up in long term care paid out of pocket from their life savings and assets. My family members who end up in long term care will all become wards of the state. When you die ideally you should have as close to $0 as possible, taking money to the grave does nothing for you.
  11. Meanwhile...
  12. “The bank’s goal is to slash application volume by as much as 75%.” why are you so cynical? That’s the actual quote. And it makes sense. Weed out the unqualified. Processing applications takes time and money and you’re going to get a ton of people living paycheck to paycheck applying because we shut down the whole country. Why give a bunch of money to people with no jobs whose homes are depreciating?
  13. It wasn’t 7 million...and his professional knowledge/experience is coming from someone who is going to try selling you insurance...I’ll literally bet you $100 the bill was nowhere near $7M.