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  1. Anyone catch this?
  2. If its colleges maybe this means the student loan bubble wont pop.
  3. Riding a motorcycle it’s extremely noticeable. I live near main and random and when heading towards transit in the morning you hit a wall of warmth. I’ve always wondered how much urbanization is contributing to global warming.
  4. I get the risk, and my point is that its one that myself and others would be willing to take if it meant helping a cause. I get on my motorcycle everyday knowing the risks, and that's probably way more risky than covid. And like @BuffaloWeather I do take it seriously. There are people in our family that my wife and I dont go near because were constantly exposed to new people because of our jobs. And thats what we should be doing, protecting the vulnerable while allowing the virus to spread among the non vulnerable at a rate the healthcare systems can keep up with. Because if theres never a vaccine we'll be crawling along for the next 133 years to get herd immunity.
  5. I think I could argue the ethical part. Its simply the sacrifice one to save many argument.
  7. I agree but they are taking a much less economically and civil rights damaging approach.
  8. Yea and @BuffaloWeather agreed. Its not a crazy idea. Morbidity rate among the young and healthy is estimated to be less than that of influenza. So build herd immunity to save the truly at risk, the elderly, diabetic, and obese.
  9. What is wrong with you. You're completely off the rails over at ameripol too. Keep that shit over there.
  10. @OSUmetstud This is exactly the case. It HAS to be coded as covid for hospitals to be reimbursed properly.
  11. My argument all along is that the bolded above will happen and that all we're doing is delaying it. Even if a vaccine is developed it will take more than a year to produce enough for just the US population. If the economic slow down continues indefinitely you will start to see economies collapse. If the US economy some how collapsed you're talking mass chaos and war. Look at some of the industries that are operating at losses right now. Our local healthcare system is 80M in the hole even after 60M in federal aid. And next month the airline industry will lay off over 100k employees.