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  1. You’re a moron. I didn’t shit talk the titans. I didn’t wanna play Henry again and I wanted the home game.
  2. Lol. You realize that with global warming Buffalo is a Mecca that wiLl continue to grow for the next few centuries?
  3. Just to be clear you do realize that your city is know for other teams taking over… Again wasn’t trying to get you riled up. I didn’t wanna face you guys again and I wanted a home game.
  4. To be clear @Blue Moon I don’t dislike the titans, just wanted a home championship game. Titans should have won that game. I didn’t want to face them in the championship.
  5. There’s been a lot written the last few years about the benefits of intermittently expossure to cold. Especially if you’re big into fitness. My favorite cardio is splitting wood which is great on days like today.
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