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  1. Quantum scape has working prototypes, their next hurdle is cost and increasing the number of fast charge cycles before significant degradation. Right now they get about 400, which for me is plenty. https://www.electrive.com/2022/02/01/quantumscapes-solid-state-batteries-holds-400-at-charging-cycles/
  2. My money is on these guys. https://www.quantumscape.com
  3. My over simplistic summary is not to put all our eggs in one basket. There’s a good chance that we could devote all our resources to stopping climate change and not be successful. I’d like to see more programs dedicated to mitigating the effects.
  4. Anytime my wife sees my typing furiously on my phone she knows it’s this forum.
  5. I just started reading it after listening to the latest Jordan Peterson podcast.
  6. Anyone else here read this? False Alarm by Bjorn Lomborg
  7. I’ve got a tattoo that’s looks just like this one.
  8. True but at a realistic pace, just like housing. Mixed in there will be epic crashes like when BTC hit 60k. All my investment is in TRX and XRP right now
  9. Whats going on there reminds me of when everyone was jumping into crypto. There's no way that bubble doesn't burst.
  10. I'm just happy that I dont have to buy my wife a new jersey for four more years
  11. Yes, they’re stop gaps. Do I need to cite every ongoing fusion project or is that also nonsense? If your stance on the future was so cut and dry the correct solution we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I have solar, a Tesla, and geothermal hvac. It has its place. But going 70% solar and wind isn’t the solution to climate change IMO.
  12. I have. I really don't get why you're being so aggressive. Are you really that anti nuclear and pro renewable? You realize both are a stop gap solution anyway, right?
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