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  1. 17 minutes ago, WhitinsvilleWX said:

    I’m not very sensitive to pain meds either.  
    I was in the ER for a kidney stone back in April and they gave me 2 doses of fentenyl and it didn’t do much. 

    Toradol fixed me up.

    I was on a gurney in the hallway at St V’s in Worcester. Height of the spring surge and all the ER rooms were reserved for virus patients. Only 2 in the whole ER when I was there, but I spent 6 hours parked in the hallway back there. I was a puddle just either hoping I’d pass away or pass out. The pain was unbearable. They asked me to rate it on a 1-10 scale. I said about 100.

  2. 7 minutes ago, HIPPYVALLEY said:

    Yikes, 20 mg and I would be on the living room floor with the headphones and a Grateful Dead CD.  I’ve always been pretty sensitive to cannabis though. 

    I’m not very sensitive to pain meds either.  
    I was in the ER for a kidney stone back in April and they gave me 2 doses of fentenyl and it didn’t do much. 

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  3. 16 hours ago, RUNNAWAYICEBERG said:

    Enjoy it. It’s a glorious day. 5mg is perfect. 

    5 mg doesn’t do squat for me. Like eating an M&M.

    20 mg might get it if I dont eat much. I must not have enough of the enzyme that converts it. 
    I use the tincture or do it the old fashion way. 

  4. 1 hour ago, PhineasC said:

    Seems perfectly normal:


    Analysis: Seven Milwaukee wards report more 2020 presidential votes than registered voters; Biden nets 146K votes in city

    This kind of stuff happens all the time in every election I'm sure. It's just magnified in a close one.


    Still baffles me we sent a men to the moon with the equivalent of a wire wrapped 4 k Commodore computer over 50 years ago and we cant keep track of voters and tally an election in 2020. 

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  5. 21 minutes ago, powderfreak said:

    Yup.  And most of the COVID stuff was Trump not keeping his mouth shut on some of the sound bites.  I honestly think if he just talked less, tweeted less, and didn't seem so contentious about everything he wins in a landslide.

    It's not about Biden, this whole election is about Trump.  They could've ran an Alpaca up there for the Dems and it likely would've gotten the similar vote.  

    ^^^ THIS

  6. 1 minute ago, HoarfrostHubb said:

    Nice! Get the Cobb Salad and Grapefruit Cake, as well as the Martini flight.  My brother went with his family in August.  He felt very safe, but make sure you obey the rules on property.  Also, no entertainment no fireworks, no real parades.  A much different experience.


    I know someone who went last month. Crowds are low. Wait times are generally less than 30 minutes for most stuff. They suspended the fast pass but its really not needed right now.

    Only thing that really stinks is there is no dining plan. We usually get the deluxe plan with the 3 sit downs. The way we eat with the 3 sit downs the dining plan is a good deal. They refunded us the money, but we'll probably end up paying a bit more for meals than what the dining plan refund was.

    We're staying at the beach Club Villa's

  7. 1 hour ago, CoastalWx said:

    I’m just trying to get ideas and see what people are doing for the holidays. It really sucks. If there is one word that sums up the year for me, it’s frustration. 

    Call me crazy, and I'm sure some will, but we're going to Disney World for 10 days over Thanksgiving. 

    Planned the trip for over a year. We're still going. But we're not afraid of anything, so it really makes us no difference virus or no virus. 

    Thanksgiving dinner at the Brown Derby in Hollywood Studios.

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  8. On 9/26/2020 at 1:26 AM, natedizel said:

    What we need is some sort of better rapid swab test. Results in minute or something. All bars and concerts could open up and go on. You positive you cant enter. It would be like a bag check/metal detector line.

    I don't post anymore on this stuff since the MPM thread was shut down. I figured what was the point.

    But, a rapid antigen test that's specific would be what we need to end this mess.

    I started looking into the PCR test a little more back in June. I was appalled to find out positives were being called at cycle number <40 (or <37 depending on the lab). I've used real time RT-PCR (or Taqman PCR) since 1997. We always discounted mRNA levels if the Ct value popped above 34-35. Not enough mRNA to make protein at any significant level. Several studies have been done that correlate Ct value with actual viral transfection assays, which is the gold standard. Ct values above 33-34 show no infectious viral particles are present. Yet the cut off still remains absurdly high. 

    I'd love to see the Ct values that come back from these so called cluster events like on a swim team or frat house party. Chances are one kid actually had the sniffles for covid and the rest popped "positive" because they picked up some free mRNA or a few virus particles that their innate immune system took care of. You could find the same amount of mRNA in the entire household from flu A if someone in your house was positive by an antigen test for flu. They don't test for flu with PCR, and they shouldn't with this. Its too sensitive. The test itself is fine, but the interpretation needs to be adjusted to what's called positive.

    I'm still not sure why no one has come out with a good rapid test. It takes 9-12 months to make a good, specific monoclonal antibody that's suitable for a rapid test, so hopefully that's not too far off. If they keep using PCR and calling "positives" at Ct values of <40, some places will stay locked down for ever since small amounts of mRNA will hang around for months.

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  9. 24 minutes ago, TauntonBlizzard2013 said:

    Anyone catch fred touchers meltdown on 98.5 this morning? Yikes 


    What was the gist of it? Was he obviously drunk or just basically melted down crying?

    He's kind of a mess anyway. But i can see how this whole Covid situation can get to anybody much less people who are a bit unstable to begin with.

  10. 1 minute ago, PhineasC said:

    You guys can go to AmPol if you want to immerse yourselves in the vibe of the last few pages of the COVID thread. I haven't visited the site in a year so you won't see me there, but I'm sure they have a thread full of hot takes to peruse.

    No thanks on the Ampol.
    I’m not innocent either. We all have biases. I’m probably 180 degrees politically from a lot on here. That’s ok. What makes the world go round. 
    The whole thing has turned way too political. There’s good arguments on either side. But we have to find a way to come together on it.

    My bigger concern with the whole thing was out of area moderators showing up over night threatening to ban New Englanders from their own forum. That’s unacceptable.

    And Taunton is right, we never did find out how much a Market Basket manger makes. Burning question. 

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