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  1. 41 minutes ago, weatherwiz said:

    I used to really love fall and used to have equal love for all seasons but as I get older I hate fall and winter more and more. If anything it's just because of the cold. I used to have a higher tolerance for cold but not as much anymore. I honestly think driving is what lowered my tolerance for cold. I didn't get my driver's license until I was almost 26 so before then I used to walk everywhere (or take a bus...which still required walking) so in the winter's I was used to walking 1-2+ miles in the cold/wind/snow. It's just the cold/wind that drives me nuts. Snow I still love.

    I hate the cold too. But i hate March and April more. I have less than zero use for those 2 months. If I could leave NE and go south March 1st and return Mother Day, I'd be happy.



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  2. 1 hour ago, moneypitmike said:

    I was expecting more sun and warmer temps than we have in Westborough.

    77 and cloudy.

    I could use a little more sun. This week has been a little too cloudy for my liking. Bring the dews up to 60 would be good too. Its July, not September. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Typhoon Tip said:

    I watched the game ...

    It seemed to me there were intangible dynamics going on... Maybe even ego-related.   But, the Celtics relaxed ... just oh so little but enough on defense to allow Golden State to steal that win.

    And it was a steal on their part - though they'll be the last to think so, no doubt!  They were trailing for most of that game - then something happened in the 4th Q that I feel is pretty connectable to 'maturity' as basket ballers.   

    The Celtics seemed to get into a 3 pt shooting contest with Poole and Curry.  They fell for it.  They fell for the old "oh yeah - we can shoot too" game.  They should have stuck to what they were doing, which was solid perimeter D with Williams and their size shutting down the interior.  That should work against this adversary.  They may be able to match them at some point or another in a shoot out - but they didn't need to,  and getting into that mode last night (crucially) in a 3 or 4 minute window approaching mid way through the 4th, put GS in control. 


    It was a bad offensive decision to engage with GS, at GS's game.  GS leans offense on their opponents at at all times, such that moment the D lays off they've already scored something like a 8-2 run. Boom.  The Celtics relaxed just enough, GS leaned, the CS tried to do it back and couldn't hit their shots.  Again...they didn't need to do that.  

    Tatum wasn't terrible.  I don't know about the 'whole stardom' aspect.  Frankly, I think Brown's been better as of late. 

    All that’s negated if they don’t turn the ball over. When they turn the ball over 15 times, they lose. 

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  4. 17 minutes ago, HoarfrostHubb said:

    Day 4 is much better than days 2&3.  Sore throat just about gone.  Less loopy.  Took the dog on a loop this morning.  Feels weird not leaving my little street since Tuesday 

    I was over it in 5 days. So was my kid. 
    That no smell thing is weird.  I couldn’t smell anything. I mopped the floor with pinesol, couldn’t smell it. Cologne, bathroom spray, you name it. 
    I went to an outdoor event last Saturday and used a porta potty. Nasty thing. I could have stayed in there and camped out no problem. Couldn’t smell shit, literally. 
    I started smelling stuff on Wednesday. Son never lost smell. 

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  5. Who needs to install? I flipped the switch earlier in the week. Was hot upstairs. 
    And after 2 years, the Rona finally got me. My 80yo mother came up and brought it. Started a dry cough 2 days before she went home. She was her 4 days so I assume she had it before she got here. Anyway, I got sick 2 days after she left. She texted me on a Tuesday that she had it, I was sick Wednesday. Not bad. I’ve had worse head colds. Lasted about 5 days. Son got it, his was the same. Head cold. Wife and daughter were spared. 
    Kinda glad we got it and it’s over actually. 
    Mom is fine. 

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  6. 6 minutes ago, powderfreak said:

      Likewise a company can just chose to part ways as well.


    Well not really. On paper, yes. In practice, no.

    It takes months and months. And then you have to document, write up Performance Improvement Plans, and go through a million hoops. I’ve had to fire 3 employees over the years. The last one took 10 months to get the process completed start to finish. 

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  7. Just now, Damage In Tolland said:

    Most folks would quit . Balls up and walk 

    Lol. Have to feed the family. I make way too much to walk. But yea, a lot of the lab folks have talked about “working from home” for about 6 weeks and see how long it takes to get this crap gone when the lab work doesn’t get done. 

  8. 42 minutes ago, Tolland Death Band said:

    That is pathetic. Sorry your company is so lame and anti-science. You are in the .01% of organizations still carrying on with such nonsense, I’m sorry to tell you

    I work for a pharma company. Lol

    Anti science is right though. But it’s not us scientists making these decisions. It’s the lawyers and business types. They’ll follow the CDC guidelines as a CYA. If the cdc dropped the color coded non sense, we wouldn’t be doing it. I’m hoping this orange level only lasts a few weeks. Reminds me of the silly terror alert levels we used to have 15 years ago.

    All it’s doing is driving everyone back home again, except us that have to work onsite because we have no choice. 
    That 10.1 number is what did it. Yesterday  it was 9.7 and we were fine. It went to 10.1 this morning and we got the email at 2:30 this afternoon we were back in masks. Oh well.


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  9. 6 minutes ago, Lava Rock said:

    just like last year where there was a 4-6wk reprieve around the same time then cases and masks started creeping back to then retreat by July, then head up towards Fall. Seasonality. 

    I’m just tired of the masking. Nowhere else do I have to wear it.  I think this time the compliance will be pretty low. Get past security and they’ll come down. I’m not sitting there again 8 hours a day in a mask.  Fook that.  And the hybrid folks will be gone again. Not like there were many back anyway. This will drive them home again. 
    Mask 8 hours a day? Or Zoom in shorts and barefoot and outside in May/June. 

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  10. So my 401 is down 200k since Jan ‘21, unsightly’s can now go topless on Nantucket, and worst of all,  my company put us back in masks an hour ago. 
    Mandatory. But we can sit together and eat lunch for an hour until we go back in the lab or at our desk. All hybrid employees can use their own judgement as to how safe it is to come in to the office. 
    Im praying we go back yellow soon. It was a great 7 weeks maskless though. 

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  11. 2 minutes ago, Typhoon Tip said:

    I don't like personally running in the cold either...  I mean, I hear others that run, some regularly gush about 50s being ideal - uh...really? 

    I like it about 66 to 72.  Sweat kicks in by mile two, and then that's plenty of cooling through evaporation to not get too hot.  Above that... yeah, if it's very sunny and still air, ...open terrain with no shade, that goes the other way.  80 F is too warm for example.  But I have... I once ran in 89 F because the gym was closed and needed to get my 5 miles in.  Oh man - I think it took two days to shake that weird feeling that it left behind.  I was pie -eyed when I came down my street and set to walking it off, but had to get to the sink for cold water on the neck. I think I borderline overheated. 

    But less than about 65 is doable but for every degree down, ... by the low 50s?   I've spent too much time up front getting lithe and lubed by my own body heat... Then the run's over. Don't feel like I even sweat enough because of it.  I even think the next day something is arguing and achy for doing it more so.   Cold sucks.  It pulls the will out of you.  And putting up those tepid times like you described doesn't surprise me.   But everyone's got their range.  For some... running in cold is preferred. 

    He hates running in the cold. But he doesn't do distance. He does for conditioning, but he's a sprinter. 100 m and 4x100. Its over in less than 12 seconds (hopefully). To sprint you gotta get loose or you'll get hurt.

  12. Hopefully 70 pans out here. Murky and damp here. 53. YUCK

    The Boys track meet got postponed until tomorrow. He ran last Wednesday in Marlboro. It was 52, gusty and miserable. They got there at 3:30 but didn't run until after 5 when the throwers got through. By then they are all cold and stiff.  Times were way off. He usually runs  11.7-ish 100 m, but he was at 12 flat. Everyone else was slow too. 

  13. This month so far reinforces my strong thoughts that April blows.

    If I could leave NE for part of the year I'd go mid March to mid May. Those 60 days are ass. I have zero use for cloudy and 48-52 for a high.

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  14. Got sun on my nape yesterday. Today not so much.

    May is a week from today and it’s still deep stick season here. Even the early maples are still pretty much in stick mode. Oaks say it’s January.

    I was at 30 degrees I think Wednesday morning 


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  15. 28 minutes ago, Cold Miser said:

    A perfect example of this is the movie Downfall.  By far one of my favorite WWII movies.  The film captures the final 10 days of Hitler's life, and the actor who plays Hitler was unbelievable, and gave me goosebumps so many times throughout the film.  It is so much more enjoyable watching in German with the English subtitles.  



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