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  1. I just drove from Westerville to Newark this morning and the roads were clear on 270 and 161. That's the kind of overnight snow I like.
  2. Honestly, this is the first winter I hope will be mild. Unlike in years past, I have a fairly lengthy daily commute ... believe it or not from Newark to Westerville. LOL I just hope that if we do get clobbered it is on one of my days off!
  3. Around 2" and still snowing rather decently. Kind of surprised it stuck as much as it did during the daytime!
  4. It figures this thing will deliver about as much snow as we got last night - 2".
  5. Buckeye, time to switch on the I70 snow magnet.
  6. 00z Euro ticked south and not as robust.
  7. I can't believe it, the euro is sucking me back in.
  8. Yea, I did a double take on that one. Batten down the hatches!
  9. IMHO, the sub is fine as is. A separate thread for the OH valley works well, especially since there aren't too many of us OH folks left. Perhaps ON could do with a similar one?
  10. Snow coming to an end, and so is the precip. Just a little over 4" - could've been 5 if it wasn't for the mixing.
  11. You were spot on for Newark. Over 4" now and snowing like crazy.
  12. Back to heavy snow again after a mix.
  13. Transitioning to sleet now. it was fun while it lasted!