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  1. I think it looks better than modeled at this stage of the game. Hang in there, bud.
  2. I’ve been saying I feel good about where we are for 4-6+ and I still do. But I’ll hedge at 5” for a final call. I’m more worried about mixing than a wiff.
  3. Yep, if the "game" was getting over a foot of snow, you should know better. We just don't get snow like that here more than once in a decade or two. The game is very much alive for 4-6" here for all the reasons you mentioned. I like where we sit at this juncture.
  4. I really don't think the Euro looks that bad at this stage...
  5. Pretty much a straight apps runner. Transfer happens very early on. It's really not far away from a big hit here.
  6. Well, the good news is the bleeding to the SE is slowing if not stopped. As you said, you always want to be to the NW of the heavy snow shield at this hour. And I've said it million times, I'll say it again, the primary ALWAYS hangs on longer than the modelling shows. I recall so many busted forecasts for us that happened because the primary died too slowly or not at all.
  7. This is starting to look like a Miller B transfer type of storm. Seems to me, every time we have energy transfers, they ALWAYS take longer to transfer than modelled. We have been screwed with changeovers many times due to the delay in transferring.
  8. And if it comes in a bit faster, or the southern piece slows down a bit, bigtime storm for my area! We're due!
  9. Come on, you're not excited by the 12Z GFS fantasy storm at hour 288, followed by the polar vortex hammer being dropped at the end of the run?! What's wrong with you?!
  10. I would say there's still room for an inevitable NW shift...but that never seems to benefit us, only those to our north and west.
  11. Yep. If I’m reading the radar correctly, it looks like we’ll be dry slotted once we change back to snow. Those a little west of us...they could pickup a quick 2-4”.
  12. Getting some wind whipped sleet banging into the windows.
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