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  1. Not sure if we're mixing here as I'm not outside, but definitely snowflakes in whatever is falling here in Westerville.
  2. Three successive runs of the HRRR have shown a steady migration south of the rain/snow line during the evening period.
  3. Yeah, I'm hoping for a good ole fashioned torch. I'm removing a 100 year-old tree from my house whose roots were tearing up the backyard. With my luck, it'll suddenly be below zero for weeks prior to my tree removal date. I'm also going to be doing an aeration and over seeding after that. Time to move on from the winter that never was!
  4. Time to shut it down for the year, folks?
  5. The Euro is messing with us again in its 12Z run...
  6. Looks like an I-71 special! Unfortunately, it’s the NAM.
  7. Wouldn't be Christmas in Columbus without a torchy rain on Christmas eve followed by cold and a flake or two on Christmas day...
  8. Have to admit, I didn't think we'd see the two inches or so that we got. That said, it mostly accumulated on the grass. Roads in the neighborhood were a crusty mess. It's too early for this. Looks like we go back to normal'ish November weather for the rest of the month.
  9. I'm just not seeing this event as one that warrants a WWA. Though it almost seems like Columbus is required to be in one for the first dusting of each year.
  10. So, uhhh, it's 57F in CMH right now...back to back days. I'm not holding my breath for the forecasted 1-3" of snow tonight, even with cold air crashing in.
  11. Looks like about 3” in Westerville with freezing rain/rain now.
  12. Even now the GFS has nothing for us. Just odd.
  13. Then you have the GFS with a half inch. If I was a betting man, I’d go with that.
  14. This is the part that sucks. We'll get a solid 3-5" of beautiful powdery snow, and then most of it will be gone by the end of the day Saturday and then the rest by Sunday. I hate very short term snow.