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  1. How is the heaviest rain forecast to be so far north of the center's path? I always thought the heaviest rain was along and to the east of the center which would be Columbus to Macon to Augusta in this instance. For a cyclone that will traverse almost as far south if not as far south as Macon, hard to believe some of its heaviest rain could occur as far north as the northern ATL burbs but maybe I'm wrong, just doubtful.
  2. Seeing as though the forecast keeps trending S/E with the highest totals, I'd say you are correct about being in the bullseye for this thing. FFC has me with 4-6" or so but I'll believe it when I see it. I've heard there will be a very shart cutoff on the north side and I just hope I'm not too far N/W to get some decent totals.
  3. Dropped to 26.5 this morning with a nice recovery to 64.5. Beautiful day. Next deluge starts tomorrow.
  4. I ended February with 13.47", possibly the most rain in a month ever here. Also received about 3" of snow. 21.04" for the year already.
  5. Same here. Low lying areas are like lakes around here.
  6. An additional .46" overnight brings my monthly total to 13.44"! #lovin' it
  7. What a crazy wet start to the year here. 7.57" in January and the .56" here so far today brings my monthly total to a whopping 12.98" with probably a quarter inch or so more to go tonight. Crazy rains but sure beats the hell out of a drought!
  8. It was all rain here so I decided to travel to the mnts right at the Dawson/Pickens County line and saw about 2" at 3200'. Beautiful snow up there.
  9. Ffc in their evening afd update mentioned a wedge front moved through the metro atl around 7pm. Consequently my dp lowered from 48 to now 40, can't be a bad thing. 48.8/40
  10. Cumming, GA 49.2/48 Hoping for some token flakes.
  11. I'll take your sleet and leave you with the snow lol. Just give me something besides rain lol. Even if it doesn't accumulate, I'd rather see sleet bouncing everywhere and melting than just stupid rain.
  12. Well, I know that SnowDawg in Rabun County at 2400' stands the best chance of anyone from GA on these boards. Maybe he will get another covering of snow.
  13. So, I assume that is why us in N GA aren't expecting much of anything. Horrible boundary layer without CAD, just relying on cold from the NW (which is a death wish down here, cold chasing moisture).
  14. So forgive me if this has already been stated but is this a CAD situation or just cold HP coming in from the NW?
  15. I'm sorry if i missed it but is this a cad induced storm? And from what I'm reading north ga outside the mnts won't see much of anything so rooting for you guys in nc/upstate sc to cash in!
  16. That looks almost identical to 2-8 in north ga. No way that can verify like that. Then again we are talking about a week away. Nice to look at though.
  17. 31.3 this morning. Looking to stay below 50 today under full sun. Try to dry things out a little before the next batch of rain early next week
  18. Judging by the sad face I guess you don't like it. I love it. Rain and more rain beats the hell out of a drought.
  19. Wow. Is your grass green and growing? That's crazy warm and humid.
  20. .70" more fell after my post this morning. 9.88" for the month, 17.45" for the year. It was as warm as 67.1 at 6:05am, now all the way down to 49.8 with a gusty wind. What a change!
  21. Received another .36" overnight. Now just waiting on the "main" line to come through. Maybe a quarter to half inch more. Warmed nicely overnight. 66 now.
  22. I'm up to 8.82" for the month and 16.39" for the year. Probably will pick up another half inch to inch tonight. I love it! I also love (not) when the weather on the local news likes to discount the wedge areas in NE GA. It was another very warm day they say. Yeah, Cartersville to Atlanta to Athens hit the low to mid 70s. Meanwhile my location only hit 62.6 with a light easterly wedge wind. They do that all the time, it's annoying.
  23. Yeah man. I'll take this rain over a drought ANYDAY. The slug of moisture to our west is crazy. I wonder if I'll make 10"+ just for the month before it's even the 15th of the month!
  24. Well said and totally the truth! For those this happened to in N GA/Upstate SC, we often miss out while you mountain folks and NC Piedmont and such cash in; usually our thermals are too warm down here and we get rain, sleet, or zr or something goes wrong for us. This is one of the only storms I can remember where it started as snow, ended as snow, and the main thing; overperformed. I did not expect what I got so the more posts about this relatively "surprise" storm, the better! It started as a few flurries, grew to larger flakes, accumulated first thing (timing was PERFECT for most of us) and ended as large flakes.
  25. I know this board is more geared towards the Carolinas but I'm not sure I've ever seen the WPC issue a high risk for excessive rainfall in N GA or for such a large area extending from Central MS to NW/NC GA. I'm up to .63" at my location (today and for the event so far) and forecasts are calling for 3-4" here just through tomorrow evening with more on the way especially thursday. I'm already at 6.71" for the month and 14.28" for the year. Wow at the rain to start this year here.