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  1. 26 minutes ago, PhineasC said:

    Yes. I made the same mistake with ice from the roof melt and now I have a mess. It will take days to clear. 

    I eventually won the battle just dumping salt and taking an axe to it breaking it into pieces

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  2. 1 hour ago, PhineasC said:

    I need to get used to this snow retention stuff. The bottom 10 inches of my pack has been compressed into very dense sheet that is exhausting to shovel away and laughs at my snowblower. I basically can cut it into blocks and stack it. The snow in MD melts away long before it has a chance to turn into this. 

    I made the mistake of letting that accumulate under the roofline of my garage my first year here. First time it rained, all the water coming down from the roof channeled right into the garage, where it then froze solid. Took me weeks to get rid of the dam, and had a frozen garage all winter. Not doing that again!

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  3. 8 hours ago, PhineasC said:

    Snowing at 5 degrees with the wind whipping is definitely a new experience for me. 

    Enjoy your first subzero snow this morning! I personally don’t care for these temps. Keep in mind, in a normal year subzero morning are pretty much the norm... but we’ve gone through that :)

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  4. 7 hours ago, LaGrangewx said:

    Can there be some significant differences in weather/snow up the road at Crawford Notch from Bretton Woods or is it generally fairly similar? I drove through there this summer after hiking Washington and checked out the hotel and then went for a swim at Ammonoosuc Falls. Was a beautiful swimming hole and area. 

    There are definitely differences, usually not significant. The entrance to Crawford Notch - the 1-2 miles of road around the Highland Center is the most prone to upslope, and it’s often more intense there than Bretton Woods proper. Coolest weather phenomenon there though happens occasionally in the summer when moist cool winds funnel up the notch and create clouds that look like are getting “puked” out of the notch. Can be really scenic. 

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  5. 3 hours ago, J.Spin said:

    It’s cool to see that there are folks out there who like that type of snowfall regime, although I’d say it’s still quite a minority of the people I’ve seen on this weather forum.  Most of the forum focuses on tracking big winter storms.  That’s a huge part of the winter climatology for a lot of places outside the mountains or LES areas though.


    From the perspective of many skiers, a winter pattern with consistency is where it’s at.  Yeah, larger storms are important for base building or getting in those bigger powder days, and they’re awesome when they come around, but it’s the daily snows that will really keep the snow quality up.  To get by with generally good to great ski conditions in a feast or famine snowfall climate, there really needs to be great snow preservation, such as is found in the high elevation/dry air climates of some of the higher mountain ranges.



    I think that’s a great point. Growing up near the Alps in Italy, the Alps had great snow but not frequent at all. Patterns there can be very stubborn - you can have a 2 week period that brings 10 feet of snow, and then nothing for a month. But everything is above 3000 feet so the snow preservation is usually great unless you get what they call “Phoen” which is a downsloping wind from the north, that can wipe out a deep pack in no time. 

    Here, while the East Coast is famous for its ice, upslope prone location actually have really good snow quality because of the consistent refreshers. I haven’t counted but it seems like we have measurable snow at least 50% of the days. That keeps surfaces nice and fresh, and trees covered. Great for skiing and so scenic!

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  6. 4 minutes ago, PhineasC said:

    GYX distro said it would all clear out earlier this morning but still going here. Nothing "epic" but keeps the wintry appeal going.

    I’ve really stopped caring about epic. I’d rather have these great, prolonged 2” a day patterns than the heartache of coastal cutter no cutter etc etc. 

  7. 1.25” overnight with a nice steady light snowfall. 

    I really don’t care much about what this upcoming storm does, just give me a nice upslope flow after it and I’m happy! We have opened up most of the glades with the upslope following the last storm. Sweet pattern. 

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  8. 22 minutes ago, Angus said:

    This is the second incident I've heard of involving trail runners in last week, a trail runner got disoriented on the lion's head trail on washington last week and had to call in help. I didn't read the incident report carefully but the person was completely unprepared for the weather. this is just amazingly stupid, and you see lots of stupid in the NH mountains in the winter.

    Lol only in the NH mountains in the winter? 

  9. Back home from Conway. It still amazes me to experience the difference in sensible weather that the upslope areas create. North Conway had pretty thin cover and looked almost spring like. Sun was out, and you could even see mount Washington. You'd have no idea that Bretton Woods was in the snow and clouds all day. 

    Driving up, you get into a few flurries starting in Hart's Location. Once you get to the 2 waterfalls just before the AMC, it was moderate snizzle and snow covered roads (and it's that way till my house). Just amazing. 0.4" added today - so very light stuff