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  1. These 3” have already made a nice difference on the trails. Interesting that the snow report says “an inch or so.” This must be the only ski resort on the planet that underreports snow. I love it here but man they could do so much better in so many areas. 

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  2. 32 minutes ago, PhineasC said:

    Next week looks fairly active for the NNE mountains. Nothing big, but looks like continuous flakes in the air and a refresher of a few inches to cover up the hard part of the pack. Little impulses swing through Monday and Thursday with an upslope signal in between.

    It’s probably gonna rock. I’m going to the Berkshires for a few days lol

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  3. 42 minutes ago, J.Spin said:

    LOL…  March?  MARCH?  At your site, even having to think about March as anything but winter is silly.  Yes, the sun angle is higher at that point, and in the bottom 10-20% of seasons you can certainly get a dud March that is sort of spring like, but by and large, it’s just going to keep on snowing for you.  Sure, there can be storms where we end up in the warm sector, but the average climatology is going to be quite snowy in March for the NNE mountains.  Heck, the average March snowfall here at our site is 30”, and that’s at 500’ - it’s got to be even higher up at your elevation.

    And you can see what PF said: “Through the end of April is fair game at 1500ft in the northern mountains.”  That’s absolutely right, so don’t even give a second thought to March.  In an average temperature regime, and certainly in a below average one, you’re going to see a lot of snow in March and April.

    May is not typically all that snowy around here, even at elevation, because it takes something notably below average with respect to temperatures, but May snow for the mountains certainly happens with some frequency.  It’s just not an “every year” sort of thing.  But don’t make the mistake of thinking of May as “spring”, or “warm” in the mountains of NNE.  People seem to do that just about every season, but it just ends up with moaning and groaning and icons with axes in their heads and all that sort of stuff.  The warmth just doesn’t generally take hold up here for real until the June 1st/Memorial Day timeframe.

    The mean/median date of snowpack melt out here at our site is in the April 15th-20th range, so it’s got to be close to May up at your site.  Unless we have some week in the next couple of months with highly anomalous warmth, you’re going to have that snow in your yard around for quite a while.  The data from your neighbor suggests there’s seven inches of liquid in the snowpack there, with likely more to come, so that will typically take a long time to fully melt out.

    One thing to keep in mind and keep things in perspective... We REGULARLY get frost and freezes in June. 

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  4. 6 minutes ago, PhineasC said:

    It hasn't been that bad of course, but things have been quite active this February with synoptic events outside NNE. Been basically every week in SNE it seems. We have missed most of those in terms of anything meaningful. Aside from the early-month event, it has been rather boring. Flakes in the air are cool, but the upslope was better in January. Hoping for a grand finale period in March to push me to 130" or so.

    I think this last storm is what screwed us. It was all nice and puffy (Japan like as PF put it), and holding up great even if the upslope machine was not quite running at full power. Then this last storm knocked most of it down except for the larger chunks, so the vibe changed. Also, it gets old lol. 

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  5. 7 minutes ago, powderfreak said:

    Through the end of April is fair game at 1500ft in the northern mountains.  Heck last year the first 10 days of May had several snow events.


    This was mid May last year. Looong way to go (though personally I'm hoping for a much earlier end to winter!). 

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  6. 29 minutes ago, powderfreak said:

    Maybe some bread and butter?  Nothing huge but keeps flakes in the air and keeps the pack looking fresh?

    For the first time in like 6 weeks, the snowpack doesn't "look fresh" in that fluffy pillow way.  I miss that Japan pow look with even split rail fences sporting 10" that somehow defies gravity and curls under the railing.  Dollops of snow clinging off everything.

    Now it looks more like usual northeast synoptic snow... dense, packed, from town to the mountain.  I could go for some fluff on the trees, power lines, and objects to bring back the candy land forest look.



    Yes please!

  7. 7 minutes ago, PhineasC said:

    The book on the left is thick. It’s basically a brick. The kind of book you dreaded being assigned in college. LOL

    LOL. If you can find me the Cliffs Notes, I'm in. We can start the Coos County Book Club.

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  8. 5 minutes ago, PhineasC said:

    Holy crap look what just arrived! I am PUMPED and ready to have my mind blown!!


    I plan to read them back to back without stopping as a Native American vision quest sorta thing. 

    Ayahuasca kinda night?

  9. This last storm, while it may have added significant density to the pack, has really changed the conditions on the mountain. Anything not groomed today was just outright awful - essentially cement. We definitely need some pow. 

    On a funny note, the deck in front of my dining room window is unshoveled and my dog can now walk on the snowpack without sinking in, so when she goes by the window she looks the size of a horse lol. 

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  10. 33 minutes ago, powderfreak said:

    Looks like a good call at this point.

    In a normal rear, sounds good. This year, I'd go with half of that for us lol. Which i still wouldn't complain about. 

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  11. 4 hours ago, powderfreak said:

    I've been hanging with you in the totals this season.  Normally you are up with J.Spin and out of reach of me.  This winter we seem to be running fairly identical.

    J.Spin is about where he usually is relative to me.

    We are practically snow starved. What is this Maryland or something??? :lol:

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  12. 10 minutes ago, PhineasC said:

    Randolph Hill is running at about 110" now. So I am carrying the torch for NNH. The three big coastal storms made all the difference here. Been at a 30" depth for a while now too.

    Hard to stay on top in the race when getting very little synoptic action and relying exclusively on upslope over here. We sort of keep up with the Northern Greens in general terms, but when we get 1 inch, they get 2 - 2.5 and when we get 2 they get 3-3.5 it seems like. That adds up to create a delta over the course of a season. I am assuming as we head into mid to late March and beyond it gets a little harder for J. Spin to rack up fluff down in the valley and spots like ours can still clean up on some amped-up coastal lows. 

    Getting to the average of 185" for the CoCoRaHS site still seems to be within grasp for here so can't complain, and I have had good snowcover for weeks now with no end in sight. Need the storm track to lift back north soon, however.


    It's actually snowing quite nicely at the moment. Super fluffy stuff so it stacks easily. I do remember saying "don't count on a sunny day on a NW wind" yesterday :)

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  13. Was just entering the 2" from yesterday on the snow table, and notice how much shaft we've been getting comparatively speaking. It was usually "neck and neck" between JSpin and I on past years - as I've noted before, with us overperforming on coastals and the Mansfield area overperforming in uplsope. This year the upslope has been decent - but of course here in the valley never at those levels - while coastals have pretty much shafted us since October, so we're quite a bit behind. No complaints, it's been a nice winter with very consistent snowcover with the exception of (of course) the Xmas period, and skiing has been awesome and far better than last year. Nevertheless, it's interesting to notice! This is also the time of the year when (blasphemy) I start looking forward to Spring, and Spring is NOWHERE in sight. :)

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  14. 1 hour ago, PhineasC said:

    Yes, my kids shoot through the trees, and I already struggle to keep up. It helps being small, nimble, and fearless. I’ve never really been a big glades guy over the decades skiing. Too enclosed for me and not enough to room to maneuver if I get into trouble. I will be outclassed by the kids very soon in the trees and head back to my fast groomers and occasional bump run. LOL

    How does the John Graves glade compare to Black Forest? Steeper?

    Yes it's on the medium steep side. One small section of it is a double black - but pretty tame for that label. Boundary glades on West Mountain and some of those off the 2 Miles Home ridge on the Rosebrook side are the gnarliest. As a next step my favorites are West Glade and the glades off of Joseph's Run and Avalon on West Mountain. The one after Black forest is also very nice, just avoid the ridge trail which has a steel section that never has any snow on it because it gets blown off immediately and don't get on Roz at the end which is narrow and steep.