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  1. 1 hour ago, CAPE said:

    Friday HH on St Patty's day. I'm more green than usual.

    And no, fuck green beer. That's not the green I mean.B)

    Be careful out there.

    Go ahead and fire it up boss! You’ve done great work this season. Time to turn the lights out around here 

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  2. 3 hours ago, mappy said:


    There are plenty of women who work for NWS, but not at the lead forecaster level, which you need to be in order to issue watches through SPC. Liz is training to become the first woman lead forecaster, and as such her training allowed her to actually issue a watch. Pretty awesome, she’s got a heck of a future ahead of her with SPC. 

    Thanks for sharing and kudos to her for leading the way!

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  3. 1 hour ago, mappy said:

    Big glass ceiling moment this week in meteorology. Liz is a great follow on Twitter if you don’t already, the woman knows her weather. 


    So awesome! Had no idea this field was little behind the curve, but so glad to hear about this game changing moment. 

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  4. 53 minutes ago, Maestrobjwa said:

    Ya wanna get rid of me that badly, smh (despite me cutting my posts down since last month). Hey uh...don't wanna see me post? How about not @ing me just to randomly insult!

    P.S. On the off-chance this was NOT an insult...ya know, I don't know if I ever fully "close up shop" on here...because now I'll be following the ENSO. Definitely much less involvement overall given that takes weeks and months...but I'll still be around (I poke my nose in severe occasionally)

    Sorry man…I def didn’t intend for it to land as insult. More so was admiring your dedication and perseverance and suspected you would be last one standing. Just wanted to ensure you closed the door,  so we don’t let the ac out. It’s getting hot out here man

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