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  1. 2 hours ago, North Balti Zen said:

    Gorgeous and sunny up in northern Maryland but my day for smoking a butt is Monday so chilly, damp and dreary may be the order of the day for that activity then too. 

    Hope weather stays good for ya. Actually turned out ok here today although wind can be tad chilly.

    I’ve gotten away from smoking bbq compared to how much did back in the day, but when food lion runs them for .99/lb during holiday I figured why not. Otherwise I’d be just using the crock pot lol 

  2. Winter may have sucked but least we got a nice spring. Hope everyone doing well and enjoying these beautiful days. Shame weekend looks rough, but hey it can’t always be sunshine and roses 

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  3. 3 hours ago, mappy said:


    There are plenty of women who work for NWS, but not at the lead forecaster level, which you need to be in order to issue watches through SPC. Liz is training to become the first woman lead forecaster, and as such her training allowed her to actually issue a watch. Pretty awesome, she’s got a heck of a future ahead of her with SPC. 

    Thanks for sharing and kudos to her for leading the way!

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