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  1. 53 minutes ago, Maestrobjwa said:

    Ya wanna get rid of me that badly, smh (despite me cutting my posts down since last month). Hey uh...don't wanna see me post? How about not @ing me just to randomly insult!

    P.S. On the off-chance this was NOT an insult...ya know, I don't know if I ever fully "close up shop" on here...because now I'll be following the ENSO. Definitely much less involvement overall given that takes weeks and months...but I'll still be around (I poke my nose in severe occasionally)

    Sorry man…I def didn’t intend for it to land as insult. More so was admiring your dedication and perseverance and suspected you would be last one standing. Just wanted to ensure you closed the door,  so we don’t let the ac out. It’s getting hot out here man

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  2. 2 hours ago, Maestrobjwa said:

    Interesting that you assumed I live in a basement...

    Now here's the kicker: My bedroom is on the second floor, lol (older house, leaky walls)

    Well hope you get chance to take yourself downstairs and step out to look at the sky. It ain’t snow but i promise you that glow in the sky is good for the soul. Good news if you can’t leave your seat today as you wait for the next model runs, you should have plenty more chances ahead to feel those 60s:sun:

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  3. 2 hours ago, baldereagle said:

     I was simply making an observation you decided was unnecessary. No one's opinion here is necessary. I said nothing about you or PSU. I said nothing disrespectful. I don't care whether you "understand" what I'm talking about.  No worries, moderator. You've successfully made my point for me, for discerning readers.

    Too many mushrooms today boss

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  4. 4 hours ago, Maestrobjwa said:

    And this time at my expense of course...for no reason whatsoever...Tryin' do better but people keep throwin' my misdeeds in my face even when I do something right...

    @psuhoffman This is why I overreacted to Ji a while ago--on here I always gotta be on the defensive because of stuff like this.

    Hey man. Least you making progress. You should consider obsessing over 50s and wind. You would find much more enjoyment chasing that shit  

  5. 5 hours ago, psuhoffman said:

    I get the sentiment that once you give up on winter it would be nice if we simply jump straight to 70 degree sunny weather every day but that simply isn't how it works.  Almost EVERY year we will get a chilly period somewhere in early spring and EVERY time the "this is the worst thing ever" posts come out.  And now people are stressing about just the thought of it before its even a reality!  That's too much drama for me.  

    I don’t know man. Last spring felt pretty solid. I don’t expect 70s everyday but I don’t need 40s and rain especially on spring break. Ill takes 50s and 60s just without the damn wind that we do so well with 

  6. 5 minutes ago, Maestrobjwa said:

    On the gerunds...I can understand thar (I do talk like that in real life sometimes--depending on where I am or what I'm talkin' about. I can turn it on and off, lol)

    Now...even today...too many posts?

    Just posts here in banter or less in LR. It’s not that you really annoy me, but I do think your excessive shit post dilute or distract from the others I would prefer to hear more from. It’s not the maestro forum so just sit back sometimes

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