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  1. Is anyone thinking this front to the west near WV is going to be stronger than anticipated?? It looks like its building right behind this low and will clip it, I've said it several times. Definitely something to keep an eye on.
  2. Is anyone looking to the west? That stuff out there could clip this low if it keeps moving slowly.
  3. Holy hell, in Richmond it is dropped HUGE flakes and FAST. Hardest snow of the storm here right now. Hope you guys in DC get this soon.
  4. This may be crazy talk but is it possible the snow to the west of WV almost in southwest VA clips the end of this low off the coast and produces more moisture?
  5. Heavy rain mixing with some sleet in Richmond. Safe to say unless cold air from the west is pushed in, we are probably done for. It was fun. Maybe more next time around.
  6. Looks like too much dry air is ripping this thing apart in central VA. Looks like it's over for Richmond in my opinion. Thoughts?
  7. I think the thing to watch is the southern edge near the Florida peninsula in the bottom picture, I guess it could turn to something if conditions are right.
  8. Seriously, I've told people several times throughout the day today dry air could play a major role in the VA/DC area. There always seems to be a slot develop between Richmond that continues NE.
  9. Gotcha. Well if that's the case, does anyone believe the GFS will push further west, and if so will it bring warm air with it?
  10. Anyone can bust, absolutely. It's all a bluff until the actual show. Models are keeping precip from RVA until late Saturday, I could see this thing shooting up faster than that into early Friday afternoon. Would it start as rain? Probably.
  11. DT can definitely be stubborn, he busts quite a bit too in the past year. Yeah, in 2015 no one expected it to snow in Richmond for 48 hours. It stopped for 8 hours and random commahead pounded us.
  12. While I'm here, does anyone happen to have a satellite image of the Jan 2015 storm that dumped 15 inches in Richmond from the commahead snow?
  13. I think we all know the locals will boost totals tomorrow morning and/or 4 hours before the storm. They always do!
  14. I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility but living in Richmond my entire life I've grown to get used to things called dry slots that always appear in storms like this. My biggest fear is that this thing actually follows earlier guidance and pushes more South than expected. All in all I do expect to 100% see the first flakes of the season, the biggest question is; will it be a "thing". Everyone in Richmond always hypes up snow, way more than they should. I'm hoping for a lucky 2 inches if this thing plays right. We'll see how fast it moves as well, I've noticed it has slowed down a ton when it comes to leaving the South.
  15. I just had to join this message board to say hello to you fine gents, I've been watching this thread since the start. I live in Richmond, the local mets are saying the opposite of everything the models are leaning towards. If any of you are familiar with DT aka wxrisk in VA this guy probably has the best idea on what's going on. Another guy in VA called wxsynopsis is saying Richmond / Central VA is going to see some super storm dropping 10-14 inches. This guy is destined on the NAM. Any comments on this?