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  1. Yep - don't know how people can't see this coming.
  2. 7.1" in Lexington. Overperforming here for sure.
  3. Yea doesn't make much sense. Burlington, Bedford, Concord all next door are still under a WSW for 12-18".
  4. Went from WSW this morning for 12-15", isolated 20" To WWA for 2-4" just now Never seen such a drastic update.
  5. Wow, heavy snow in Lexington. Some of the biggest flakes I've ever seen. Roads covered instantly.
  6. Cement just plastered to everything in Lexington. If winds verify power outages seem likely around here.
  7. Ehh..I was thinking more direct impact, like a track passing SE of the cape that the GFS was showing a day or two ago.
  8. What are the chances this could realistically still impact SNE? 10%? Less?
  9. Lost power in Lexington. Not sure if it's still ZR here but was pretty nasty earlier.