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  1. Tropical Season 2017

    Just like Irma was a fish.
  2. Coop Crushing Snow Observations 02/15/17

    Wow, heavy snow in Lexington. Some of the biggest flakes I've ever seen. Roads covered instantly.
  3. February 12/13 SWFE/Coastal Observations

    Cement just plastered to everything in Lexington. If winds verify power outages seem likely around here.
  4. Ehh..I was thinking more direct impact, like a track passing SE of the cape that the GFS was showing a day or two ago.
  5. What are the chances this could realistically still impact SNE? 10%? Less?
  6. Mid week Morch

  7. Feb 15-16 President's Day Massacre Obs

    Lost power in Lexington. Not sure if it's still ZR here but was pretty nasty earlier.
  8. March 12-13 Winter Storm Observations Thread

    Flash freeze potential still on for CT despite the lack of precip?
  9. Feb 15 Clipper Obs

    Nothing but rain here on ACK. Edit: Change over to snow just a few minutes ago!