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  1. 16 hours ago, Rhino16 said:

    I’ve almost forgotten spring is a severe season around here. Most of the impressive stuff I’ve seen in recent years has been during the summer. I’m excited to go west and see some real storms like I’ve never seen before.

    I'd never consider spring as "severe season" around here. In my 45 years of living in the DC area, June/July has by far had the most severe events. Historically, DC typically has the most thunderstorm days in July with 7, followed by June with 6, and May and August with 5.

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  2. 49 minutes ago, EastCoast NPZ said:

    Couldn't manage more than 3 drops of drizzle today.

    That's tough.. nothing more exciting than steady drizzle.

    Hopefully you're still able to feed your family

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  3. 2 hours ago, Scarlet Pimpernel said:

     But sadly, this is the bullshit reality we live in, and one feels helpless to do much about it when those in power and who have influence on policy, sit there and piss into the wind.  Whatever.  Sorry if I got too political there, but it's more than that.  Fact is, all too many people can be so damned selfish and have no concern or care for how their decisions or policies may affect the world around them.  Apologies...done with that rant.

    Vote them out? Or just complain?

  4. 2 hours ago, EastCoast NPZ said:

    That's it.  I just sold my snow thrower.  Used once since the 2016 storm (and that was at my old place in cross junction).  Oil drained and replaced yearly, paid to move twice...all just to sit in my garage and collect dust.  Literally looks as good as the day I bought it.  It would've never gotten used again in stephens city, unless maybe to cleanup future sandstorms.

    Cool story.. hopefully your crops are doing better

  5. 14 minutes ago, Terpeast said:

    I’m starting to prefer that. When we lose school days, the kiddo stays home and the only time she’s in a happy mood is when we’re playing outside in the snow. But if we’re not outside, it’s tantrum galore. Rather send her to preschool and keep the snow on weekends when she’s home anyway. 

    That’ll change when she hits kindergarten or first grade, but for now… yeah. 

    She's probably just angry you call her "kiddo"

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  6. 30 minutes ago, Scarlet Pimpernel said:

    The complaints about "too warm leading in!" for the potential PD-3 event around here are ridiculous.  First, it's 200+ hours out!  Second (if you really want to get into the details!), the temperatures literally crash as the storm begins and it remains quite cold for a couple of days after.  The same temperature depiction was shown for 00Z and 06Z, when everyone was ga-ga over this.  Again, it's 200+ hours out, but the overall hints for this general time period have been discussed at length.

    And your comment about cold smoke in March...spot on!  The one I remember best was March 5, 2015.  That featured a front that went through early in the morning followed by rapid cooling, as a wave moved up the front and gave us that storm.  In fact, I recall @Deck Pic (I think it was him?) very early that morning saying watch how many people freak out because it wouldn't be snowing yet when they woke up, when the event wouldn't really start until mid-morning.  And sure enough, people freaked out because it was still wet but no snow falling...even as the damned storm was right on our doorstep (and it began snowing shortly after)!

    I think that was actually Zwyts.. regardless, a tremendous call, indeed!

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  7. 43 minutes ago, TSG said:

    Okay I went back and read... going to disagree pretty strongly with this entire statement. If you thought Feb 5/6 wasn't a long shot when we saw it pop up around the 25th, you weren't paying attention close enough. Numerous posts about how it would be nice to score during our "lull" that week. Here's a few from around then...





    And what do we see on the 11/12th and beyond the last few GFS runs? Cold air being reestablished with shortwaves sliding across to our south.

    If the can has been kicked it's like 2 days

    I guess low 50s is considered cold these days.. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, NorthArlington101 said:

    This is why we lose people. We’re looking 3 weeks ahead (fine… 2.5) and have been tracking epic patterns for weeks.

    I think it’s actually a credit to modeling that I’m starting to go insane. We’ve seen this look for so long you’d swear up and down it’s been 15 days away for a month. And it’s still 15 days away.

    The sooner you realize models are clueless beyond a few days the less you'll pay attention to that nonsense and maintain your sanity..

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