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    Honestly I cannot remember ever reading a forecast or graphic that included “potentially life threatening” for heavy rain including landslides in ETn CWA and I’m 44.




    I was thinking the same thing. Strong language, they are definitely taking it seriously for sure. Though IMBY, I cannot remember a wetter winter either. Just since last Friday IMBY I've recorded 5.3" of rain, of course that's on top of all the wet weather before. I think it is an exceptional situation considering the time of the year with no plant life to assist in taking in that water from the soil.


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  2. They went into HUN area as well, from reading the AFD, I believe they are trying to reach as many as possible regardless of CWA.
    Yeah now that you mention it they drew into MEG also. Interesting usually they stop short of crossing into neighboring CWAs, or just barely draw into a neighbor but the definitely didn't use that restraint in that graphic.

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  3. Starting to become a little more concerned this afternoon and overnight for the central and southern valley. Risk of flash flooding from torrential rain and training is increasing on the hi res models. PWAT values are near 1.6+ coming up the valley now, with storms training over the area. Unlike the past couple waves involving a large rain shield, 1.5+ is being produced over a very short time.

    12z 3k and HRRR



    I ended just under 2" from yesterday IMBY, it won't take much to have road closures in my area from flooding, some areas are teetering on it already.


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