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  1. So I get a txt from my mom last night- “hey our electric bill is like $600 what yours- something must be wrong”.

    So I look and she’s getting charged like 3x per kw than I am- and we both have national grid. So she calls and they say that yes- national grid uses different suppliers and each supplier can charge a ‘Market rate’ so there are differences. Finally, you can request a change if you want to- which she obviously is going to do. 

    This sounds absolutely absurd- anyone work in the industry?

  2. Mowed yesterday after raking all the pine needles from my arborvitae’s that fell during the storm. 3 bags later…

    Anyone else seeing their arborvitae’s shed internal needles at a ridiculous rate this yr? Read up a bit and it’s either the spring/ summer drought or they are all doing a periodic shedding at the same time. Weird 


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  3. 1 hour ago, Typhoon Tip said:

    Britney Griner was released from Russian prison !

    Prisoner swap between her and some Russian arms dealer known as the 'the merchant of death' apparently. Reminds me of that awesome Spielberg movie, 'Bridge of spies'

    2 things:


    1) awful trade we all know about Griner's height and athleticism by Viktor has that killer instinct you just can't teach- boom.

    2) I believe @Chrisrotary12 among others are interested in the below topic. When you have the best podcast on the planet covering this issue- like I had to link it.



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  4. 3 minutes ago, bristolri_wx said:

    Besides, their uptime minus scheduled maintenance numbers are quite good considering the radar system was installed in the late 80's and early 90's, and are operational 24/7.  Some parts of the 88D radar system are still from the original installs and only get replaced when they fail (from what I've read).

    Ok ok I’m being too tough. Just seems whenever I look at the radar which admittedly isn’t as much as I used to- it’s down.

  5. On 5/29/2022 at 6:53 PM, STILL N OF PIKE said:

    I hear China is lovely 

    This is legit the laziest and dumbest type of reply. Ya he’s a commie because he wants the cultural norm of killing kids in their classrooms to stop.

    take a f-ing lap, christ. Laziest shit ever.

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  6. Anyone saying this signals the decay of America isn’t paying attention, this IS America.

    Where else can you devote 40% of your municipal budget to have a bunch of LARP-ing power hungry morons with unresolved daddy issues in their costumes with their big military surplus shooty shooty bang bangs harassing people over missed turn signals, that when the real shit goes down, run and hide, then handcuff and detain parents of victims only to turn out to be so dumb that they then lie about it to the national media??

    Which leaves me with two questions: if cops would lie about this, in front of worldwide media scrutiny what do they lie about when no one’s watching? And- how would a police force that were made up of people that were actually loved by their dads function?

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