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  1. Did MRX put out a graphic of snow fall totals on the current event we just had? I looked but couldn’t find anything? It’s funny how it all worked out, since I live in Morristown I go back and forth from both west to east side each day for work, school, etc.  Most of the county (Hamblen) got between 1-1.75in. Including me. However, there was an isolated area, close to and including where the NWS office is that picked up 2-3in+ and even looked like it could have approached 4! Only talking about probably a 3-5mi square radius. Had to have had some mesoscale components in that band in that area. Even just now, I drove through that area, and there is still a solid 2+in on the ground with hardly any grass showing. When I left the house, the snow had some gaps in it. Not nearly that much. I believe that @John1122had mentioned that he felt like some places E/NE of Knox could exceed WWA criteria, well this small area on the SW side of Hamblen came very very close to doing just that! Good forecasting John!

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  2. 18 minutes ago, Carvers Gap said:

    Jed, we must be under that same band on the back side.  Just looking at the radar...looks like that band set up from Morristown into western Sullivan Co.  I have about 1" of snow in my front yard with nothing under the big tree.  On raised surfaces in the back yard...1.25" roughly.  IMBY...some places have two inches.  So, sitting at 1.5" roughly with lots of variation and still working through this last band of snow.  

    Hey Carver, yes we must be. I have close to 2in in some spots as well with mostly 1.75in as the mean. This turned into a nice little event!

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  3. 5 minutes ago, BlunderStorm said:

    We're seeing support for significant moisture behind the front across the board when it comes to models (at least for eastern areas). Can it all be wrong? Maybe, climo is a force to be reckoned with.

    I think, to a degree, what is causing the models to anticipate such a fast changeover to snow, is the strength of the High Pressure that is driving the system. A 1049-1050 High entering the US, like we have right now is not your normal high pressure. Even for January standards, that is not your average high pressure system. Even by the time it gets down to TX, it’s still 1043-1044! I’m not sure if we had a high that strong all winter last year. Hopefully it will be strong enough to push the cold air in as fast as the models are advertising! Time will tell.

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  4. 19 minutes ago, Holston_River_Rambler said:

    I've gotten around 2 inches in the past 24 hours! Both GFS and Euro think more is on the way too! 

    It is amazing how hard it is for the eastern valley to receive that kind of rainfall these days. So far we’ve had .05in from this system. The first part of the band last night just got eaten up by downsloping and it also looked as though convection along the gulf robbed the moisture transport north. That band just melted away once it passed Knoxville to the east. One day it will rain again like that around here, hopefully. 

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  5. 8 minutes ago, Carvers Gap said:

    Got the shaft on rain this afternoon.  Fairly robust line of rain developed over town and head east.  West Kingsport and northwest Hawkins Co only received at best .01-.02.  That one hurt.  I could see the heavy rain from my neighborhood.   Not overly confident in the next line, but it will have to do as that is it.  Might be able to squeeze out a tenth or two at best.   Right now sitting at .01" for the current system.

    Similar situation here Carvers. The west side of town had a small shower around 12:45-1, but it fell apart and left us high and dry. So, that leaves me with 0.0 for this system and only 0.13 since August 28. I’m not too confident in this last little band, as it looks like it’s following suit and falling apart. 

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  6. Wow John, your area has really been hit hard with rain over the past couple months. It had been pretty wet here too, until recently. Until today, I had only had 0.01in since June 25! Everywhere around me had been getting rain, but in this one little area where I live, we had not. I picked up 0.60in today. Since it had been 16 days since I had significant rain, I’ll gladly take it!

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  7. Had another bout of small hail, and would really swear there was sleet and even a flake or 2 mixing in with it this evening. Temp dropped to 35 degrees during the heaviest of it. Covered the picnic table and stuck pretty good on the kiddos trampoline. 


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  8. Just had sleet and a few flakes mixed in. Enough to show up again in the eves of houses. Guess we’ll call it an “eve-duster” haha. It’s melting now that it’s stopped. Temp is 35. Dewpoint 31. I see that just north of the state line in VA, many counties are under WWA. Maybe Blunder will pick up a nice surprise this AM!

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  9. 17 degrees this AM and a few snow flurries on the way to drop of the kids at school. Before I left the house with them I caught a glimpse of a cool sun pillar (at least that’s what I’ve always heard them called. There may be another name.)over the mountains. I have seen them before but never could quite get the lighting right to get a picture or I’m driving. This morning I wasn’t in a hurry and was finally able to get a decent picture. 


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  10. 2 hours ago, ShawnEastTN said:

    85 here in Sevierville currently.  Out here for work, need AC in the car, ridiculous!

    I’ve noticed that area is often quite a bit warmer than areas around it. Does downsloping play an effect in it? A lot of times, even in cold air regimes, that area will be 5-10 degrees warmer than even Knoxville or Dandridge to the east. Certainly it’s warmer quite often than Morristown, and it’s really not that far away.

  11. 5 minutes ago, PowellVolz said:

    Picked up 2.75” in about 4-5 hours. Basically In rained more today than it has snow in 2 years comparing inches.


    I couldn’t figure out whether or not to like, laugh, or cry at that statement. It is sad that we are measuring today’s rainfall like it was snow fall. Ended up with 2.62in at the house.

  12. Yeah it’s getting bad around here now! Thankfully it’s slacked off some, but my neighborhood is flooded and a car just stalled out. I live on a ridge but there is a slight dip at the bottom and a storm drain. It’s never backed up this bad. I imagine there is close to 2ft of water there right now. No one can get in or out.

    7B064C9D-A4EE-46E8-8A94-76F7DFDC15F1.jpegThat’s my neighbor in the road where it goes up a small hill. Just goes to show you what flash flooding can do, even in areas that aren’t normally thought of as flood prone.

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