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  1. Picking up here too now at the house. I’d call it borderline heavy snow now with bigger flakes. Temp holding at 31. No accumulation yet though. It’s very elevation driven around here though (when is it not). In town it’s still a mix in places, but when you go above about 1300ft here and away from town it’s all snow. I’m at about 1430ft here at the house. 

  2. Similar here too Powell. Temp 34. Dewpoint 31. 

    Something that I don’t understand is that most, if not all the modeling, including the NAM has accumulating snow with dewpoints and of course temps around 33-34. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it snow and stick when the dewpoint was above freezing. Of course, we see it happen when the temps and dewpoints are crashing, but not this way usually? I guess the NAM is thinking the rates will be so heavy that will overcome the dewpoints and temps?

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  3. 7 hours ago, John1122 said:

    MRX posted about the snow starting at Morristown and mentioned sun angle causing it not to accumulate. <_<

    Went skiing with my son today at Sugar Mtn. In a way I wish that I could have been here to see it come through. I have a friend that says it snowed about 1-1.5in near his house which is just a couple miles away. So have to assume it was similar at the house. It did melt quite a bit today, but  definitely could tell when we got back that it had snowed, as there was still some left on the rooftops and in the yard. 
    Meanwhile at Sugar, they were reporting 5in yesterday and it snowed from about 11:30-4 today, pretty heavy at times. That combined with the machines blowing all day made for some excellent skiing conditions! 


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  4. Actually more flakes now looks pretty cool borderline light snow from time to time. Good sized flakes. It looks like it’s moving from NE to SW. Don’t we usually see that when an upper low is off to the East/NE and rotating moisture back down the valley? Could there be a weak shortwave in the flow producing this activity this AM?

  5. 55 minutes ago, Holston_River_Rambler said:

    Cool, so I guess you live on that part of it that I 81 runs across?  Sorry you missed it. 

    Still getting a few flurries here.

    Yes. That’s right. Actually I just looked out and saw a couple flakes right now. Just a stray here and there. Better than nothing I guess

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  6. 1 hour ago, Holston_River_Rambler said:

    Even some 30 dbz returns near I 81 at Baileyton. Exit 36 I think. If I still lived in Kingsport I'd chase this, lol! 

    Wow thanks for sharing Holston. I’m off exit 15 on I81. Should have gotten up earlier. I could have run up the road a couple exits. I actually live on a ridge extension of Bays Mtn, known as Little Mtn, but it’s not helping me this AM. Nairy a flurry in the air that I’ve seen so far.