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  1. I noticed the same thing John. There are YouTube videos of the broadcast from 1993 in Knoxville showing the airport receiving 15in and those amounts that you mentioned above. It’s almost like every 10yrs they decrease it a little (maybe to fit the climate change narrative, uggh,  but hey that’s all conspiracy that they would do that, right LOL) At this rate by the time my kids are my age, they will say there was 6in at most. 

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  2. 13 minutes ago, Shocker0 said:

    I have plenty of pics I could share from that event if interested. Worst weather event I've been through besides possibly the 1998 freak snowstorm in SEKY (I was only 5 in the Blizzard of 93). That whole week of 2015 was awful here.

    Yes share away! I always enjoy seeing weather pics especially winter time weather pics.

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  3. 11 minutes ago, PowellVolz said:

    It was either 2018 or 15. I cannot remember but I 100% remember the setup and what actually happened. Ober Gatlinburg had rain with mid 40’s. I’m 10 miles N of Knoxville and never broke freezing, ended up with 4-8” of snow and a little sleet.


    It would be 2015 then bc 2018 was not a kind year to the eastern valley.

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  4. I remember several years back (would have to look back through the threads here, but it’s here somewhere)  where a front end thump was looking to change to rain but it just never did in the eastern valley. In the foothills and mtns it warmed up to nearly 50 degrees, however it stayed in the 20’s to around 30 in the valley and stayed snow the whole time! Ended up with 5.5in at the house and I know some places just north had over a foot! That was about as strange of a situation we could ever expect around here. The thinking was that somehow there was a cold pool aloft over the valley and that the warm nose hit the mtns and just never was able to penetrate back to the west. Extremely rare system indeed. 

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  5. Looks like Memphis official total was 5.3in today! I lived there from 1995-2006 and we never had more than 4in out of any one snow storm. Also, I don’t think they’ve had anything like that in Memphis proper since I moved, so that would have to mean that you have to go back at least 26 years to find a snowfall of that magnitude in Memphis!


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  6. 6 minutes ago, Holston_River_Rambler said:

    Looks like @AMZ8990 is about to get the right front quadrant of the 850 low, lol:



    next image is 850 winds and 850 frontogenesis 




    Thanks Holston! I wondered why my sister in Oxford was seeing a dry slot develop, it’s bc the 850 low is moving almost directly overhead. Hopefully they can switch to snow on the backside. It’s been all sleet there so far. About 2in of it too! 

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