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  1. Geez, this one wasn't a weenie run, it was a keilbasa run. If the euro gets even remote close to this, Its going to be hard not to get excited.
  2. Cotton7204


    Clintwood, va. has had some pretty decent storms roll this week, and it looks like we will get some more this evening/tonight. Had a lawn car smash into the back of my neighbors car and smash the rear glass. Lots of lightning with it, even snapped a few decent pics of them.
  3. Well, the NWS has me under a flood watch from tommorow through thursday, for 1-4 inches of rain. Then the snow everyone keeps talking about looks like im right on the edge of around 6 ish if im reading the models correctly. Thursday night lows are going to be in the low single digits. Everything is going to freeze solid, going to be a lot of people sliding all over the place. This is one storm i would actually like a more nw trend. Anyone think that will actually happen?
  4. I always liked rob, good guy and good met. I think a lot of people are going to be suprised with this one and wed/thursday storms.
  5. Shew, im getting really tired of shoveling. 5 hours a day to shovel my driveway is too much for fat guy. lol. Just saw they issued a few winter weather adv. for a few counties in East Ky for tonight through tommorow. Thats just across the state line for me, just hope its not enough to shovel.
  6. Pics dont really do it justice. Been pouring the snow all day, had just a little sleet for about 10 minutes, then went back to snow.
  7. No pics, since my vita is dead, but ive got at least 4 inches, pretty close to five. Snows right at the door of my escape. Might actually get to the 12+ theyre calling for.
  8. Cotton7204


    Thanks! Its a nice little place, but roads are terrible, one poor guy wrecked right below my house, his truck flipped and landed on its side on top of a guardrail. Still have no idea why there was no winter weather advisory. Now just gotta hope to get on good with this next storm!
  9. Cotton7204


    Sorry, not real good with this stuff lol. Heres the pic i was talking about.
  10. Cotton7204


    I know i just posted, but this is maybe 15 minutes later. Pic does no justice for how windy it is whiteout conditions at time, and unless it got recently issued, not even a winter weather adv. for Dickinson county va.
  11. Cotton7204


    Not sure if the pic attached, but its been snowing pretty good in far swva, and had heard reports of thundersnow in prestonsburg ky about 15-20 minutes ago.
  12. Sorta hard to believe some of those number, dont get me wrong, id love to see em, but thats a little excessive i think.
  13. This little system that could has me very excited. Most of the weather people I follow are giving at least some token accumulation for swva. And this place is pretty dead huh?
  14. Booooo.....rain sucks......Snow is just more interesting. You cant say that all raindrops are different.
  15. Been hoping this thing would bring something over in SWVA. Looks like we might get a little something, nothing or a moderate snow.......depending on which model you look at and when it runs lol.