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GRLevel3 + GR2Analyst Warnings

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What's happening today is that I get radar data fine, but am not getting the warnings.  The warning window is empty, no polygons plot, and there are no counters next to the tickboxes for which warnings to display on the map.  I've got paid versions of GRLevel3 and GR2Analyst, and a few months ago purchased a new Windows 10 system, downloaded then-current versions of the programs from the website and successfully installed them.  Or so I thought.  This machine doesn't get used much and today I'm using it for what I think is the first time in an active severe event - and warnings do not plot.  It's possible that the warnings didn't work before but I didn't catch it.

I've tried the GR site forums but get taken to a Facebook group - I don't do Facebook.  Google is producing results that aren't working ... so ... help please?

Under Warning Settings, for the server, so far I've tried both warnings.cod.edu/  and warnings.allisonhouse.com, with and without the https: instead of http:







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You have to update your GR AE and GR Level 3 to the latest version.  This is accomplished by going to www (dot) grlevelx (dot) com and then re-downloading the program.  Your license key and settings should be saved.  Gibson Ridge has a sizeable flaw, IMO, in that that their software programs do not have an option to download and install the latest updates.  Hope this helps!

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