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Must have iOS apps


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Hey everyone,


I'm new to the wx scene, and new to this forum so I apologize if this is a redundant topic. I tried to look around and see if there was a form post already on this subject.

I am trying to build up a collection of respected weather apps in the community to further increase my understanding of weather in general. As of now, I cross reference MyRadar, NOAA free app, Wunderground, and the iOS weather app. However, I am looking into RadarScope. My only reservation is that I am not quite sure what it is capable of or where to learn what the heck to look at with an app like that. Any suggestions on apps that I should pick up? Thanks!

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7 hours ago, It's Always Sunny said:

WeatherGeek is pretty good too. Gives you access to different models.

I have WeatherGeek as well but haven’t used it in like 5 years.  It was really cool when it came out but once College of duPage blossomed with their model page I just started going there.  When the NEXLAB came out I downloaded and used that quite a bit but I just use my web browser and do models from College of duPage.  

Rsdarscope is an absolute must though!  Wish I could afford the $100 a year deal.  

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