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  1. Yes I am not saying its qpf is accurate. But its placement has been very consistant. Weekend storm probably not a huge deal but could see a few inches with some lake enhancement for south shore
  2. Wrf again very consistent. About 1 inch qpf for city of rochester. 2 inches orleans.
  3. In have too seen this setup before. Dont know if i have seen if forecasted like this before. What get me is the duration.
  4. Oddly enough from city south gets most. But figure can probally push band north 5 to 10 miles
  5. Wrf 18 z did it again. Most of monroe county burried. Gives .50. To. 1.25 for county.
  6. One can hope. Its lake effect. We all know how that can go. But that model has been insistent on this since yesterday. Even if it 10 miles to far south. Still get hammered in monroe.
  7. Lake erie about to go boom. I have seen this type of set up before south shore does well with huron band and georgian bay merger over lake ontario. Remember about 10 years ago city got over a foot 2 feet p enfield on east. Not forecasting this as south shore lake snow is the hardest to predict of all the great lakes
  8. Like the south trend on models. Monroe in my opinion will have a warning later today. Advisory maybe warning orleans.
  9. Normally maybe a marginal warning. But looks like a 3 lake connection. So potential is there for something special