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  1. Going to be a very long Winter with all this bickering in early November. We are not meteorologist we are here to discuss possible out comes of potential weather events why knock someone if they are going with Snow or Vice versa.? Let’s discuss and see how things play out. Every year it’s the same thing. Bickering on who knows what’s going to happen definitely. If that’s the case please for the love of God, give me some winning lottery numbers..
  2. I always thought snow in November equates to a less snowy winter., Or is that just an old tale??
  3. Yeah, slowly starting to stick on the pavement now. Thank god I got the outage I was working on back cause I hate working in this weather but ‘‘tis the season. Going to be a busy few days getting people there lights back on
  4. Hard to believe we Re get 5-8” not sticking here in Brooklyn
  5. Does it still have that ridiculous storm it was showing next Monday??
  6. I’ll laugh if winter ends the same way it started with a 6” storm
  7. Government shutdown, a lot of air traffic controllers called out sick
  8. Just remember it’s a day 8 storm, you know what this model likes to do to day 8 storms...
  9. I disagree pattern isn’t going to switch just like turning on a light.
  10. I am not disagreeing with you, was just stating what the 18z euro showed
  11. Yup coast starts as rain and stays as rain
  12. That’s not true, most of the city electric supplied by underground. However overhead areas would be in trouble. Staten Island, some parts of Brooklyn and queens
  13. I would feel a lot better if euro was on board