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  1. Must be a D10 gfs run... give it a break already pattern has been locked in since the beginning of December. Stevie wonder saw this coming!!!!
  2. Ant, how long has the pattern looked to become colder?, and please don’t take this as a shot to you or anyone because I love the cold and snow I thrive on it but it doesn’t seem likely
  3. I don’t know about anyone else, but the pattern has been lock in since early December, and I don’t expect a snowy forecast to prevail. My reasoning is as follows. We have had less than a nickel and dime event in early / mid November. We have since warmed early dec through January. We now face record warmth in early to mid January. Looking at the long range it appears you can not trust anything past D5 and the models look warm through-out with a front end thump followed by rain. Listen I love snow but the writing is on the wall and it’s happening n durning solar minimum.
  4. Looks to be a se ridge at the end of the 12z eps jeez can’t catch a break
  5. Have a feeling this winter is going to be Dominated by the PAC. The most we may see is nickel and dime storms. Time will tell but that’s my feeling.
  6. Jeez that pac does not want to relax...
  7. Few hundred miles west we would be good
  8. Look at hr 216 a few hundred miles west we are in the game
  9. Euro is warm at the end of its run. That pacific jet means business... ahhhhhh how sad
  10. No worries the storm on the 22 should hit you if it stays the way it’s shown on the 18z gfs
  11. Just one time, one time for the love of god I wish that would happen...
  12. Anyone else notice that 3 and a half day ice storm in Texas starting dec 12th on the 18z gfs wow