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  1. Burrell and Oconeexman, how do you feel about the dreaded warm nose that seems to get us with every storm. Seems to be showing it's ugly head again doesn't it? Western Oconee county and eastern Pickens county seem to be on the lower totals as usual with areas just to our east and west doing much better.
  2. 35.1 and the rain has just let up with the heavier returns now to our east. Congrats to the folks with a little excitement this morning. Here's to hoping for a decent storm for us all as we close out winter over the next several weeks. This winter has been much more exciting than the previous few!
  3. Yeah I'd say the models nailed this one pretty good. There was a lot of "wishcasting" going on but it's hard not to do when you're winter weather lovers and it's so hard to come by around here.
  4. I know CAD events like this are typically shallow cold and elevation actually hurts but in this situation there was a chance for a front end thump of a couple of inches before the change over and that's what I was hoping for. I didn't expect it to happen so I didn't set my alarm for 4 am on a Sunday morning haha. Edit: not to mention I wanted an excuse to go check out the Ugly Dog Pub that has opened there. I like the one in Highlands and hear this one is better.
  5. Currently at .92 inches. Gotten a quarter of an inch in the last hour.
  6. @burrel2 we've seen this song and dance way too many times haven't we? So close yet so far away. I was hoping Cashiers would be able to get some decent snow before the change over...was gonna ride up that way, but they didn't even score with this one.
  7. As expected nothing to report here in nw upstate...just east of Walhalla. 32.5/32 with moderate rain and a few pellets mixed in. Had a light glaze on the deck first thing this morning but the heavier rain has since done away with that. The winds have also began to shift from ne to se so the warm up should be fairly fast here I would say. Don't expect ice will last long in the upstate...maybe a little longer in eastern Greenville county and Spartanburg county.
  8. I'm just not seeing it with the latest runs of the globals or hi-res models. Looks to me like folks in nega may have a shot at some decent icing(minus Rabun county) and maybe northeastern upstate if precip can get there soon enough, but as usual us in Oconee and eastern Pickens county in the upstate have a hard time getting to freezing much less below freezing. I do see where it looks like highs will struggle to get out of the mid to upper thirties which has trended a little colder but the lows don't seem to be much if any different. Just curious as to where all the optimism for over-performing is coming from.
  9. Currently sitting at 5.9 with bright sunshine. What a cold night and morning.
  10. 12/11 with 95% humidity. Guess I'll bottom out around 11.5 tonight...cold!
  11. I'm in Walhalla...nothing impressive falling but have had light flurries all morning.
  12. I'm trying to understand what I'm seeing with the models and how some don't seem to be reconciling the differences they have with each other. The GFS has a 1040+ HP that comes out of Montana and progresses southeast essentially squashing the low pressure. The high pressure seems to make it as far south east as the Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa border so the low pressure in the gulf being suppressed makes sense. However, as best I can tell the European takes this high pressure across the great lakes yet for some reason the moisture from the gulf doesn't seem to come any further north. The hi-res models have this same high pressure that meanders within 100 miles of its location for several frames but then move is several hundred miles from one frame to the next. This seems odd as well. Someone help me understand this. I guess what I'm saying is...with these differences and oddities it seems to me that something exciting could still be on the table for us. It seems to me with some of these differences there should be a wider range of possibilities than what is being shown.
  13. The 12z runs may show us to a degree but I'm thinking the Oz runs tonight will give us a better picture of whether the hammer start hitting the nail on this one or whether we're all excited about its potential. Maybe it's just the Christmas spirit but I feel like things will trend our way tonight.
  14. I don't think all hope is lost on this one just yet.. How many times over the years have we seen the models pick up on a storm 8-10 days out only to lose it around 5 days out then bring it back 3 or 4 days out. I expected this storm to all but disappear at some point. Now let's see if it starts creeping back into the runs.