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  1. I know, but anything outside 48 hrs on that model is historically terrible..
  2. Lol…..Ok, whatever that means. It gonna do what it’s gonna do.
  3. Burrel, that backside snow just arrived in my backyard. Moderate snow at the moment. Would be nice to pickup another 1/2” or so..
  4. Back to moderate snow here in Greenville..
  5. Weather Met here in the upstate (Chris Justus) calling for an additional 1-2” of backside snow..
  6. Thinking the same thing Burrel. Snow reports in ATL right now..
  7. Upstate folks…watching radar and Chris Justus, looks like we might be in for another nice round of snow this afternoon!
  8. I think that’s the wraparound snow that could visit us. Let’s pray it’s snow and not ice!
  9. I think power outages are inevitable, given the winds. Was hoping that part of the forecast was gonna be wrong!
  10. Burrel, you think we got some goods coming with backside swinging thru this afternoon?
  11. Chris Justus here in Greenville already saying the initial band of snow incoming is over performing. He’s nota ready to up his totals, but leaving the door open to doing so..
  12. Burrel, given the trends tonight on the short range models, do you think the I-85 corridor and north will avoid a lot of the fz rain, giving the Anderson/Greenwood area the greatest threat of ice?
  13. Yes we have! I’ll remain skeptical until it starts to accumulate..
  14. I REALLY want to believe that map! God, please let it verify!…
  15. Nice! Hoping it’s right for this one. Cutting those totals in half would be a great event here in Greenville!
  16. Burrel-that looms fantastic! I really want to believe that. What’s your confidence level in the Hrrr?…
  17. Yeah-you know it’s wonky if its showing Greenville with more than Asheville!
  18. What part of Saluda are you in? I own a house there (Lake Hosea), just outside town limits. WOuld love to head up there this weekend but have too much here in Greenville to make it this weekend..
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