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  1. My power flicked a couple of times. The wind ramped up and by 10:30 it died completely. Next event please.
  2. When will the worst hit the Mid-Cape area?
  3. A friend on FB reports a 71.6 mph gust at the sewer plant on ACK at 3:25 PM
  4. Chairs and other odds and ends from the neighbors are starting to fly.
  5. The lightning this thing is producing down by Baltimore is insane
  6. Stick around a bit, stuff will happen.
  7. Had a flicker here not too long ago.
  8. Pouring here. Winds are coming up.
  9. That storm was probably the third one that I can remember where the wind didn't moan, it shrieked.
  10. Are you describing the remnants of Phillipe from 2017? We had gusts close to 100mph with that.
  11. What are the thunderstorm chances looking like?
  12. Reminds me of Easter 2013. Started off sunny and ended absolutely nasty with heavy rain and wind.
  13. Severe thunderstorm warning for parts of Cape and Islands.