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  1. The RGEM snow maps have 6-9" over SEMASS and Cape. Probably the wettest model run so far
  2. 1041 high and 983 low..nice run.
  3. It was in the wording of the watch..not sure what the map shows
  4. WSWatch for 4-7" here. NWS going balls to the wall
  5. 33" @ Wareham in 07/08, which is only slightly below normal, but I guess we must have gotten lucky on an ocean storm from it being much worse. I wonder if it was the storm that nailed cweat/Sandwich with 14", while dropping 8" further SW where I lived. and 40" @ Acushnet this year.
  6. Still, does anything really top the subsidence in Rhode Island during the March 2014 storm? That was savage
  7. I don't recall much of the cape changing over at all, so I wouldn't be surprised in the 15+" amounts. If anything, they were fighting a dry slot vs rain/mix.
  8. That's amazing..had to share those with a few peeps
  9. how does the stall look on the euro? Is it less progressive than the RGEM and further southwest?
  10. Hard to believe but that's what the RGEM showed. Can't be right.
  11. 15z SREF plume means: Norwood: 31.0" Boston: 30.8" Plymouth: 30.5" New Bedford: 29.2" Warwick (PVD): 28.8" Providence (SFZ): 27.9" Hyannis: 24.4"
  12. This will be more impactful than 2005, it's not as cold as that system. And that was probably a Top 2 storm for SE MASS.
  13. My only real worry down here is a dryslot. Otherwise, should be able to come close to 24"
  14. Let's hope it doesn't mimic Vinateiri kicking the point after. See pro bowl
  15. I was in a subsidence band for a while in Nemo. Hope that doesn't happen again but I'm not going to whine about it since they aren't very predictable
  16. James gets smoked on the UKIE. That would be a sweet run..but I'm sure the totals will be more banded in nature given the other models
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