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  1. -9 or -10 for the overnight low here in Dayville.  I think it hit -10 but very briefly.

    Last week the lake had zero ice, today, deep freeze. 

    Winds lapping the water on to the stone retaining wall, encasing the shore line in ice. There are some concrete blocks in there too.

    Note the spray that turned into little balls of ice in the frozen water.

    EDIT: I wasn't able to upload at a higher resolution so I had to resize the pics smaller, which sucks becuase of the low resolution look.





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  2. 34 minutes ago, weathafella said:

    I’m looking forward to a midnight walk.  I announced it on eastern in 2004 and cut it to 3 miles but survived.  In 2004 the inside of my glasses were rimed with ice.  Pixie dust was happening.  What could have been without some clouds!

    Would be better as a midnight snow shoe walk in 24" of powder.

  3. 3 hours ago, Sey-Mour Snow said:

    Some of you need this. Just move on and enjoy the warmth coming. 

    The problem is, that woman is "letting it go" while prancing around in feet upon feet of snow, and ice, and even coaxing the storm to rage on.  In fact, winter is so awesome in her frozen landscape that even inside her extremely ridiculously over the top residence shit is freezing up.  If this video was made by a snow weenie she would be dancing nude in the acres upon acres of snow.  

    Someone with some talent needs to somehow merge images of Ray or Scott in that video. 

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