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  1. Actually, this is more of a test image. Just checking out the system, timing, ease of use, etc.

    © Stormitecture, Jason Foster

  2. I'm gonna be lurking the SE region, hoping to learn more about Florida weather.

    1. AvantHiatus


      Indeed, gotta get used to the new normal.

  3. Redundant to the main pic thread, but here is one since it was taken in Florida (Little Harbor Resort, on Tampa Bay), and I'm hoping to be a transplant to Florida in the late winter or spring (for the third time no less). just an iPhone pic with a timer camera app. The Instagram app provided the tilt-shift effect.
  4. I want to move to Florida!

  5. Yay....new username. Weather Warrior is now Stormitecture.

  6. Need to eventually switch my screen name to Stormitecture

  7. Who's ready for a fantastic voyage...a storm chase voyage?

  8. What the hell was the point of getting this Jeep if there's no snow ;-)

  9. I haven't felt any of them and I've been on my feet almost all the time, and my house is a slab-on-grade. Although, I did think I felt/heard some, but then just realized the bedroom doors upstairs shut real hard after a breeze came through the window. Oh well.
  10. "In coming message from the Big Gaint Head".
  11. you know nothing and assume you know what I'm thinking. I'm just as critical of Montgomery County (after all, it's the county that hired and still employs Tony/MoD). I've been pushing the various papers to take a closer look and even dropping hints as to where to look....so stop assuming you know everything. So talk about typical....but whatever, you can go on with the drama...I got better things to do....like live in a world of facts.
  12. but it wouldn't be expected like it would be in PG. I'm mostly just joking around too...but PG is a horrible county.stormtracker...chill out dude...don't get all worked up about it. It isn't the first time I'm slammed PG...so why you are getting worked up about a side little comment amount a larger post.
  13. Only one with schools damaged apparently...so yeah...again...that's PG county. About as structurally sound as their political leaders.------------------------ I get that no one likes the experience...but I have to say...if you look at many of the videos...a ton of people have smiles immediately afterwards. Maybe a nervous grin...but there seem to be this gleeful cheer among the populous
  14. You'd be surprised what buildings can take, especially the newer, taller buildings. The ones to really worry about are the ones with really long span open web truss (like Wal-Mart, Home Depots, Strip Malls, and some school large auditoriums/gyms, etc.). Those have small connection points and the walls are often precast concrete panels again with small bracket points. Brick and block construction means nothing around here as most of it is simply a veneer and often with one or two story structures they are not even reinforced. That apartment with the collapsed bricks from the pediment (gable end) that broke off and collapsed on the cars is a perfect example. Additionally, parking garages are a poor place to be. The garages are often built with precast concrete Double-T (TT) sections that are simply laid on either end. If the swaying side structure expands just 12"+/- that could be enough for the panels to loose the bearing point and fall downward. It is also a poor choice for hurricane chasers...but rather than earth swaying...it's hydrostatic pressure if the garage is within the surge waters, or the winds have enough lateral load to deform the structure to allow the same. That said...there are a ton of buildings that I'm surprised didn't have more damage. I have been hearing more and more cases of damage being discovered (apparently 37 schools in PG have damage according to NBC4 via FB....but that's PG for ya.)
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