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  1. I would even be happy to see sleet at this point. This dry slot sucks. LOL
  2. Zero land here in G Same. Maybe a few random flurries in Gloucester County NJ
  3. Yawn. A supposed “fisherman” on an inland spot of a barrier island during Hurricane Bertha in 1996? What was Bertha? A Cat 1 or 2? Hang it up. There are true fisherman that have rung more greenwater out of their socks and others that know more about storms than you ever will.
  4. It’s not called being realistic, it’s called being egotistic. you seem to think YOU know better than everyone else what the devastation from a hurricane looks like. Are you a professional? A historian? What qualifications do you have to make these sort of claims? And how many years of experience?
  5. Holy cheese on a cracker. Are you one of those people that also believe the earth is flat? That Island is absolutely, positively devastated. There have been people sitting under Dorian for 24+ hours facing a natural disaster you likely cannot even begin to comprehend in your lifetime...and you’re going to spew some conspiracy theory bullshit? I am late to the game here and rarely comment...you are a special kind of special. Sit down. Shut up. Grow some humanity and stop with your juvenile crap about “if it was X it would look like *X*”
  6. It is a lot easier to make suppositions about what you would do then to make those decisions in real life. personally? I’m all about packing up and leaving at the mere sign of a landfall near me/us. Property and things aren’t important to me. But it’s a hard sell to people that may have worked their entire lives for that little “slice” of their American dream. Anyone criticizing people that make tough choices has likely never faced it themselves.
  7. Airlines are already offering to re-book flights in that region for no fee. Check your carrier website.