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  1. Classic overperformer, about 6", blowing all over like dust. finally deep winter in Michigan. roads are a complete joke downriver.
  2. Bout to get a thumping from this line of thunderstorms, under a severe thunderstorm warning for 60 MPH gusts. I would imagine there's some small hail up in Oakland county with the stronger returns.
  3. 24°F low 60°F high, Denver weather.
  4. Crazy to see the 20 degree temperature gradient in about 55 miles, Selfridge AFB is at 38°F while Monroe is at 58°F.
  5. 56°F on the dash, sun down. Heavy downpour just rolled in. Is it early May already?
  6. 15" OTG here. Still snowing slightly to keep it crispy.
  7. I think someone broke the off switch on the snow machine
  8. Looks like 9.2" officially at DTW, easily adding to the record for the date. Still snowing albeit lightly here, no real accumulations happening however. Very nice event.
  9. We got about 9.5, the table is a little deceiving because there was still a bit of snow on there from the last event that hadn't melted off. Probably more like a foot on there but I didn't measure.
  10. Still pound town for a few more minutes here Great storm. We're buried. Roads are a mess.
  11. Rip city right now. Roughly 8" fresh powder so far.
  12. Stacking flakes as usual this season here on the south side of Taylor Might get close to double digits if this keeps up
  13. Those snow squalls were awesome today. A sunny, bright Christmas morning with fresh powder quickly turning to blizzard-like conditions for the afternoon made for one of the more wintery Christmases in recent memory.