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  1. 5 minutes ago, bluewave said:

    There are some hints at a gradual pattern change to more rainfall opportunities in the coming weeks. The drought ridge sitting in the Plains all summer is forecast to shift. So we get into more of a WAR pattern heading into September. So looking like our classic early September endless summer pattern with plenty of 80s and 90s and convection chances. 







    Hopefully but these days I believe it when I see it. These patterns seem to reinforce and lock in place more and more these days. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, wthrmn654 said:

    This looks much more accurate then what we saw 5 days ago! 


    What a joke. The rich get richer while the people who need it get skunked. Par for the course in these perma-patterns we seem to get stuck in these days. 

  3. 1 hour ago, bluewave said:

    Yeah, very dry conditions for August today. Northern NJ could see dewpoints falling into the 30s this afternoon. 





    I’ll take this if we won’t be seeing any rain or excitement otherwise. Beats the filth we dealt with for two weeks. 

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  4. 4 minutes ago, Allsnow said:

    Odd seeing bos hit 100 before nyc,JFK and lga 

    NYC was likely 100 on Tuesday. Several other stations in the city hit 100, and even though they’re amateur stations, several in Nassau hit 100 too. 

  5. 1 hour ago, TWCCraig said:

    Huge difference in humidity levels across the area

    From Mesowest:

    NYC: 88/50 27%RH

    EWR: 90/54 30% RH

    LGA: 90/50 26% RH

    ISP: 82/70 66% RH

    When the seabreeze came in (again easily visible on radar), humidity spiked. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, wthrmn654 said:



    If the Euro/GFS are right, any drought will be long gone by the end of the month. If this cutoff and onshore flow are real, it’s a recipe for gushers for days. 

  7. 59 minutes ago, Brian5671 said:

    The 18z NAM ends the LI drought tonight/tomorrow


    Because it worked out so well yesterday with the soaker widespread storms and 2-3", I'm totally jumping on board with this. :rolleyes:

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  8. Long Beach the hot spot today-up to 85 already. If anyone gets to 90 it might be there. It can heat up in S Nassau on these N wind days. Bit if a downslope component from the north shore. 

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  9. Just now, psv88 said:

    Just a moderate rain shower...not sure the NAMs 2 inches is going to verify...

    About 0.6” here by radar estimate, looks about over where I am. I gladly take. 

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  10. 15 minutes ago, lee59 said:

    It looks like a deluge over NW Nassau around the Great Neck Glen Cove area.

    1.5” and a flood advisory in the Great Neck/Manhasset area. Hopefully some part of that survives east into Suffolk. 

  11. 7 minutes ago, lee59 said:

    Maybe with no sea breeze we can get some storms on Long Island.

    The seabreeze actually helps to fire storms on LI-it's a boundary that can force warm/moist air to rise as the cool air comes in from the ocean. Unfortunately it screws over the south shore since the boundary usually travels a few miles inland before firing storms, and it's been as dead as anything else for the last couple of weeks. 

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