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  1. 42 minutes ago, wisconsinwx said:

    I take it you’re pleased about that?  I certainly can’t complain about no overnight MCS action that keeps me up when I should be sleeping.

    While I'd like to see some good action during the day now and then, I love overnight thunderstorms.  This summer, we are not getting much of either.  It is getting very dry over here.

  2. The abnormal dryness has expanded into eastern Iowa.  I received 3 inches of rain in July, but much of that came during the first half of the month.  The lawns are browning.

  3. It'll be interesting to see what it can do with the small core tonight.  The sudden upgrade is due to the new ball of intense convection over the center, but the pressure is still 996/997 mb, which is typically not cane worthy, and there isn't much surrounding the central blob.  The blob will have to persist to solidify cane status.

  4. On the 1-minute meso visible satellite loop, over the last hour the milky clouds have cleared in the Santo Domingo area so you can clearly see the west flow at the surface, so the alignment of mid and surface centers is much better than earlier.