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  1. Thought this was a joke till I clicked on the link... then I remembered who sent the tweet. I'll promise to behave and not say what I really think of the idiot.
  2. I stand corrected. Thank you for catching that.
  3. Thank you for the no nonsense post and info. Pretty scary watching this thing get closer and closer and know all you can do is wait, hope and pray for the 11th hour anticipated turn. BTW Boca to Sebastain, FL just issued Hurricane warning.
  4. Praying for your friends and everyone in the Bahamas.. What's happening is almost unbelievable.
  5. Dorian getting on my nerves bad... that right/east and northward turn better pan out before it gets too close to the coast. As the crow flies I'm about one mile from the St. Lucie Inlet and Grand Bahama is less then 100 miles almost due east of my front door. This is a nail bitter - looking for something, anything to set me at ease a little about the anticipated turn.
  6. I'd rest better as well, and the NHC advisory for TSW Deerfield to Sebastain making me very uneasy.
  7. No offence intended, but please speak for yourself. Perhaps you need "thinker skin"? I've been a member of this forum since 2003 when is was easternuswx. I thought the purpose here was to express and share knowledge AND opinion(s). I greatly appreciate using this forum exactly the way it is currently administered. The value of this site would be greatly diminished if a Pro-Met only thread were created. I live in south Florida and have rode out many storms. I can tell you first hand t his site has proven to be valuable and advantageous to me AND many others... even with the "wish-casting". Wish-casting is just that, please take it for what it is. Common sense prevail. Peace
  8. Okay then.. sounds even better. A truck load of bottled water and a catapult.
  9. I'm thinking immediately with a truck load of paper towels and a catapult.
  10. lol.. I live about 40 miles north of Mar-a-Lago and have been hoping and praying we avoid a disaster here. BUT, it would almost be worth a frigging disaster to see/know Mar-a-Lago gets blown away... literally. Just wish Trump could be there and get blown away too.
  11. Dorian reminds me of the path Frances took in 2004. I'm in Stuart, Fl where we were hit by the "EYE" of both Frances and Jeanne in 2004. Both storms passed exactly 3 weeks to the day.... within 2 nautical miles of each other.
  12. I fully understand officials and other powers involved don't want to create or intensify public panic, but IMO too little is happening too late. Given the forecast track, strength and size, I'm concerned not enough advance notice/warnings/evac requirements have been or are being implemented. Though I feel confident officials are following/applying historical protocol... I fear its just not enough in this case. Unless something happens damn quick to change what looks inevitable Irma may wind up requiring many changes in the way Canes are dealt with in the future regarding the general public. This is a whole new ball game, and will likely require a new strategy. If Irma (ughh I hate that name) turns out to be as bad ass, as expected, this without a doubt will be a game changer. Hope I'm wrong and my concerns prove unwarranted. As I type this cable news JUST said people want to get out but can't. Hoping for the best, and praying for a miracle.
  13. Not saying that at all.. just seems to be a growing number of people forgetting common sense and are developing a "me first" attitude. There are some seriously over anxious people down here.. as each day of uncertainty passes the anxious personalities fester and grow. Understandably patience is wearing thin and it's showing. Maybe Gov Scott should be issuing Valium
  14. From what I've been seeing you are correct.