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  1. Starting to wind up tighter
  2. It does actually look like it’s just spinning it’s wheels again
  3. Looks a little bit better organized the last hour
  4. Watching closely here in Jax. Not gonna lie though suffering from serious Dorian fatigue. Feels like we’ve been tracking this for a month.
  5. It’s almost like Dorian keeps trying to jump over this outcropping but can’t quite do it
  6. It’s a touch further west through 48. Right off Canaveral. Then making possible OBX landfall at 96
  7. The longer is stays over Grand Bahama I wonder how that effects the tracks later downstream and impact for N Fla, Ga, Carolinas
  8. You might be right. Hallucinations have definitely set in watching this thing frame by frame.
  9. The stall looks quite evident. Even looks like if anything it wants to try and start a more northerly trajectory in the last spin. I think the due west momentum has been halted.
  10. Ironically the 0z GFS and 0z ICON line up pretty closely to each other
  11. GFS looks slightly SW of 18z run through 48 hes
  12. So basically about half of these tracks are already obsolete