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  1. Banter your New Years resolutions

    The busted e-brake cable, or the seat belt hangin out the door?
  2. Anafrontal Thumpul Discussion 3/5

    Just makes it confusing for "the rest of us". We good.
  3. Anafrontal Thumpul Discussion 3/5

    Just take it down a notch......more peeps read this forum than post. Friendly advice.
  4. Anafrontal Thumpul Discussion 3/5

    Ya might want to step back and reassess life if your main focus is fighting over the weather. You where pretty rough on Tip to day also,
  5. Anafrontal Thumpul Discussion 3/5

    No worries Scott. Most of us lurkers trust you red taggers than some weenie who posts selfies in model threads,
  6. Spring/ Summer 2014 Convection Discussion

  7. 5th Annual Lawn/Garden Thread warm season 2014

    Try this.... http://www.partstree.com/parts/?lc=ariens
  8. http://collaboration.cmc.ec.gc.ca/cmc/cmdn/pcpn_type/pcpn_type_gem_reg.html
  9. Feb 5th SWFE Observation Thread

    Dark, calm, and quiet.
  10. January 2014 pattern discussion

  11. Are you male or female?

    Does cryin' like a girl count as a female?
  12. January 11-12 Rain Soaker

    So basically turning into another Blizzy.....LOL.