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  1. Thanks for the kind words. However, warming the temperatures also can have negative effects on severe storm development as well and I wouldn't be so quick to bring any sort of climate change into the ballgame. On another note: I really need to get my rear in gear and pick up GRLevel3/2 since I'm a little tired of not being able to see these things myself live and having to post other people's radar images, especially before the upcoming Fall Severe Season...
  2. Another rather chilling image I found showing the tornado tracks of April 27th (although some of them were found to be caused by multiple tornadoes). The scariest parts were to see that the Tuscaloosa tornado took a jog to the north near Bessemer to the southwest of Birmingham just in time. It is easy to see how that massive 1.5 mile wide wedge could have easily gone right through downtown and just how close the Hackleburg/Phil Campbell tornado was from plowing through Madison, Huntsville or Decatur, all major population centers in Northern AL...
  3. Is that as high as your display goes? That is a ridiculous velocity.
  4. I found this map of April 27th rather disturbing, showing the valid 20Z reports (700 after 20Z out of 937 after 12Z) on top of the 20Z Conv. Outlook. I can't imagine the magnitude if that massive section of MDT risk had actually verified or if that hole around Atlanta wasn't a hole...
  5. Reading, KS was May 21st. Thanks guys, these are looking great, I'm sure there are still a lot more...
  6. Pretty clear formation right there.
  7. Added quite a few new images, particularly from the April 16th Carolinas Outbreak.
  8. This was the HRRR before the April 27th Outbreak. I don't think I have ever seen it so bang on....
  9. No, considering many of these images are from around this site Or it could be if you think you're watching radar too much transfixed by the intensity of the storms...
  10. Hey thanks man, I'll definitely check that out.

  11. Thanks, yes so many unfortunately... I guess we also have to remember that this year isn't over yet, we still have the entire fall season ahead of us, and more importantly the south... I'm really anxious for what next year is gonna be like, particularly in April and May.
  12. Well, most ENSO models seem to be predicting neutral or La Nina this winter, so I guess we'll have to see for that. I actually think the drought hindered the possibility for more plains (particularly in Texas) outbreaks in May (other than the 24th) and June by lessening moisture and increasing warm air aloft across the areas.
  13. I keep getting this bad feeling like it might not be very long (as in much sooner than the time between the 1974 Super Outbreak and the 2011 Outbreak) before we see something again that matches the magnitude of the April 27th outbreak or the Joplin tornado. I'm not sure why I feel this, and I hope I'm wrong, but something just doesn't seem right...
  14. If anyone has other radar images (like for example, a reflectivity/velocity combination when the Hackleburg tornado was over the town itself or a good radar image of the Rainsville storm) that they would like to add, by all means, please do. Note: These are not my radar images. These images were compiled from around the internet. Several of these images were compiled from this site, credit goes to original posters.
  15. 3D Images: April 15th: Clinton/Jackson, MS April 15th: Scooba, MS April 16th: Sanford/Raleigh, NC April 25th: Vilonia, AR April 27th: Cullman/Arab, AL April 27th: Hackleburg/Phil Campbell, AL April 27th: Smithville, MS/Shottsville, AL April 27th: Oakman/Cordova, AL April 27th: Tuscaloosa/Birmingham, AL May 22nd: Joplin, MO May 24th: El Reno/Piedmont, OK June 1st: Springfield/Sturbridge, MA
  16. May 22nd: Joplin, MO May 24th: Canton, OK May 24th: El Reno/Piedmont, OK May 24th: Chickasha/Blanchard, OK (North) and Bradley/Goldsby, OK (South) May 24th/25th: Denning/Altus, AR June 1st: Springfield/Sturbridge, MA
  17. April 27th: The Supercell That Wouldn't Die April 27th: Tuscaloosa/Birmingham, AL April 27th: Shoal Creek/Ohatchee, AL April 27th: Lake Martin/Dadeville, AL April 27th: Cave Spring/Rome, GA Note: Every Image in this individual post is from the "Supercell That Wouldn't Die" at the top of the post except for the Lake Martin/Dadeville, AL captures.
  18. April 27th: Smithville, MS/Shottsville, AL April 27th: Section/Flat Rock, AL/Trenton, GA April 27th: Rose Hill/Enterprise/Snell, MS April 27th: Oakman/Cordova, AL
  19. April 27th: Overview April 27th: Near Philadelphia, MS April 27th: Cullman/Arab, AL April 27th: Hackleburg/Phil Campbell/Mt. Hope, AL
  20. April 16th: Overview April 16th: Sanford/Raleigh, NC April 16th: Smithfield, NC April 16th: Askewville, NC April 22nd: St. Louis, MO April 25th: Vilonia, AR April 26th: Near Shreveport, LA <br>