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  1. Classic fall storm moving into the Coast. Definitely a wind producer as well as heavy rain/snow at higher elevations. Sub 975 mb sfc low right now.
  2. Had to be moving faster than the May '98 derecho to beat you at that
  3. CNN's nonsense was even worse on the day of the April 27th outbreak and the aftermath, I don't even want to go there because it will piss me off, tbqh.
  4. Almost certainly not the widest. Although, it was similar to the Wichita Falls tornado in 1979 in that it had a wide swath of consistently catastrophic damage.
  5. The Rainsville tornado from April 27th tore concrete porches from the ground, tore a stone pillar from a house/broke it in half and threw an 800 pound, anchored safe 600 feet and ripped the door from its hinges, so I'm not surprised a tornado of generally equal intensity would be capable of such incredible phenomena.
  6. In all honesty, I would've probably had more than a few shudders/stumbles in my wording if something that violent was in front of me...
  7. Yeah that part on the video on Youtube where Kathryn screams "BACK UP!" is scarily intense, and then part after you can just hear the desperation in Jeff's voice when he reports the magnitude of the situation. "I have a very destructive, probably F4...maybe F5...goin' through the city of Joplin right now, on the south side of town and it's doin' massive destruction...It's...It's a mile wide tornado, It's tearin' up the entire city, I'm on the south side of Joplin right now..." Still get chills from that.
  8. Tuscaloosa, AL/Yazoo City, MS/etc. Not to mention towns have been hit by multiple violent tornadoes in the same outbreaks (Tanner, AL - Super Outbreak, Elkhart, IN - Palm Sunday '65, Fridley, MN - May 6th, '65). Forgot about this one....
  9. I remember several of the original warning texts during the Apr. 27th Outbreak reading something like this: I kind of thought that might be a good idea in the future, except to create the separate TORE category as mentioned above, perhaps with red text or something like in a PDS watch to highlight the threat of the situation.
  10. I will likely be writing a report on 2011 once the year comes to an end outlining all of the major tornadic events of this year (we could see more this Fall) and some of the statistics/weather scenarios that came together for each one.
  11. Thanks for the kind words. However, warming the temperatures also can have negative effects on severe storm development as well and I wouldn't be so quick to bring any sort of climate change into the ballgame. On another note: I really need to get my rear in gear and pick up GRLevel3/2 since I'm a little tired of not being able to see these things myself live and having to post other people's radar images, especially before the upcoming Fall Severe Season...
  12. Another rather chilling image I found showing the tornado tracks of April 27th (although some of them were found to be caused by multiple tornadoes). The scariest parts were to see that the Tuscaloosa tornado took a jog to the north near Bessemer to the southwest of Birmingham just in time. It is easy to see how that massive 1.5 mile wide wedge could have easily gone right through downtown and just how close the Hackleburg/Phil Campbell tornado was from plowing through Madison, Huntsville or Decatur, all major population centers in Northern AL...
  13. Is that as high as your display goes? That is a ridiculous velocity.