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  1. Need a pattern change to relieve those poor folks in the Gulf. I feel like it just has not stopped raining around those parts
  2. Hawaii type weather around here lately. Just beautiful
  3. Was 62° this morning! I will say when you grow up with 4 very distinct seasons in the Midwest it is quite a weird feeling to essentially not have a Fall. It's almost a sort of exhaustion over having temps on a daily basis be in the ballpark of 90° from Mother's Day to October 1st.
  4. What a weird day. Absolutely poured buckets this morning, 5" of rain from this girl, now it's pure sunshine and calm with a high in the low 80s and reasonable humidity levels.
  5. Easy rusty. The wind/storm surge damage is incredible down there, which will require massive infrastructure costs to rebuild. Also oceanfront property is not the cheapest
  6. This is one of the things even I as a weather hobbyist didn't fully realize until I came down here, the difference in impacts in only a few miles is wildly different. I remember going out to Folly Beach last year during Isaias and the difference in conditions between my house and Folly (20 miles as the crow flies) was astounding. Went from cloudy with a slight breeze to 50 mph winds and roaring seas.
  7. This thing is a beast! Still has a hell of an eye
  8. Look at the lightning in the eyewall…
  9. Exactly. Instability increases at night with cooler temps aloft, which should allow this thing to really continue ramping up at night over the Loop. I really wouldn’t be shocked if we saw this thing roll in at 150+ the way it’s strengthening during the day time
  10. That tunnel in Mobile backs up terribly before the bay. It’s awful that such a vital road is 2 lanes each way for a significant portion and then has a complete choke of that caliber
  11. Should just name this storm Hurricane Lebron with the amount of hype it’s getting. The models and setup are very alarming but still I cannot recall the alarm bells being rang quite like this while still in the TD/low TS stage
  12. Yeah we can but all those people locally would lose the work. We’d basically move everything over to Houston and close that down permanently
  13. I mean dozens of people losing their jobs doesn’t sound funny to me…
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