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  1. things have gotten so weird of late. just weird all around.
  2. still scratching your heads.. aren't you?
  3. My bad 08/09 Right at the fryeburg maine conway nh, There was a 25sq mile area of 30 to 46 inches. By xmas. Maybe it didnt completely melt. We had 140+ inches that yr
  4. Is going to snow in NNE of any significance from friday thru monday. Is this not reality anymore?
  5. In conway nh, ive had 5inches on the ground for 2.5 months now. We have had warm days but nothing way out of the ordinary. In the huge 09/10 snow year, incredibly, I had 46 inches of snow on the ground at xmas. The following week, we lost every inch of it. The fact that after that loss, less than a month later, I was measuring 49inches back on the ground was astounding. I often think about what it would have been like if the melt out never happened. 80+ inches of snow on the ground. Would have been awesome
  6. its going to be a slow end to the worst winter in recent memory. below normal temps thru april. tuckermans may Raleigh!
  7. I know I'm not the best at keeping my posts exactly on topic but lets focus on the next snow possibility for the month. how long will the march torch? Most of the best snowstorms I remember in march have a lot in common. It would be 50 maybe even warmer one day and yet you knew that afternoon, when the storm arrived, it would be snowing. It would snow all night. Wake up early in hopes to catch the last few bands top it off. Then sunshine and 50.
  8. Freshies up here would be the best healthcare policy hands down.cheaper too!
  9. Here's to the cluster of low centers pushing a precipatation field north of the cape. Did I type that out loud? Yes. I did. Im bad better take a bath
  10. I dont know what fyp means but im sure its something not nice.
  11. is there anything left for us to hope for on this one?
  12. Who said anything about praying? You dont hear the bells anymore, do you dendrite?
  13. Never you have nothing to lose by having hope. Real loss is when you dont go the distance. Jesus Am I the only one inspired by rocky?