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  1. And it's all been luck until now. Caught in the race of up to down.

  2. The epitome of mediocrity.

  3. Is the big dog coming Thursday?

  4. Meteorology sucks

  5. I don't get quoted. I'm not smart enough or cool enough. That really hurts my ego.

  6. This forum is so "cliquey" and it's aggravating as hell.

  7. February has saved my winter.

  8. Meteorological winter begins tomorrow!

  9. Gloomy May days

  10. This ain't no '11-'12.

  11. Lol, Joe, it took me a second to realize who this was. I was like, "Sherman, CT....born in 1989..this sounds familiar..." :D

  12. I don't think I could have picked a better time to go to college and study atmospheric science.

  13. Down with the -PDO!

  14. This weather pattern is boring me to tears.

  15. April '97 redux, don't fail me now.

  16. Lol, gotta love this winter, we can't buy a snowstorm through January 20th then one comes along and is somehow suppressed in a mostly mild regime. :D

  17. A dead ratter comes around now and then...what can you do?

  18. -NAO...where are youuuu?

  19. Haha, I actually just got a digital camera for my birthday. This is my first one so I probably will have no clue how to use it lol. I have over 3" of rain so far and winds are starting to pick up nothing too crazy though. Looks to be a lull in the rain for now..lights flickered for a split second about 20 mins ago.

  20. Lol, just do a forecast in the wind for the sake of it? Maybe if it isn't too hazardous. I'm not liking the land interaction that may come later with NJ. Oh well, this is a good segway into Autumn. Soon we'll be talking about heavy heavy snow. Or at least your area will...could be another 07-08 for me. :arrowhead:

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