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  1. Only got 2" here Paul..barely. It's hard to believe this winter might just peter out with nothingness and cutters. Little stat on March snowfall since 2001 IMBY. From March 01-05 I averaged 12" of snow in March. From March 06-10, I've averaged 4.1" lol.

  2. Lol, I'm not in extreme SW CT though. I'm not even in Danbury.

  3. Back up to 24.5" (25" officially, right?)

  4. Congrats on the snow pack. :)

  5. Ice Warrior- Are you still alive? Is your home completely buried?

  6. Hits just keep on coming...

  7. Lol yeah this is something else and we aren't close to done yet.

  8. Sorry to hear about FB being down. I got 2" of snow/sleet crap and about 0.15" of ice accretion. Then we got above freezing and dry slotted. My snow depth as of 2 pm this afternoon is also 14". :)

  9. Come back on AIM.

  10. EPIC! Finally broke 10"!

  11. NORLUNs are full of surprises!

  12. Commander, the 00z GFS nails me with CCB on 12/26. Copy that.

  13. Just don't give up, this winter will work itself out.

    1. H2Otown_WX


      Well..for some of you. CT got the shaft again though. ;)

  14. Ice Warrior- The models are coming to a disastrous consensus. That's a HUGE 10:4.

  15. IC. The 00z ECM is suppression city. Over and out.

  16. Ice Commander...the ECM is train wreck again...copy that.

  17. Commander...the 00z ECMWF was a disaster. Do you read me?

    Roger that.

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