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  1. +SN here now. 1/4 mile 33F Rapidly accumulating. grass covered. Pavement is covering too now.
  2. 2/29 00Z ECM OP run Still is south with the FRI - SAT ocean storm, for those interested. Lots of time for change though on a d5.
  3. Awesome on the digital camera! wow, You're ahead of me in rain so far! only 1.37" here. Looks like center will be near you in a few/several hours and then up into Mass later. I'll do that forecast in between rain bands. Winds should crank later for you and I. :yes: Nice segway to auyumn, like you said.

  4. Haha, I actually just got a digital camera for my birthday. This is my first one so I probably will have no clue how to use it lol. I have over 3" of rain so far and winds are starting to pick up nothing too crazy though. Looks to be a lull in the rain for now..lights flickered for a split second about 20 mins ago.

  5. Lol, yes, I may in between rain bands. I'll wear a tie so you can see it blow in the wind! I'll use my digital camera Vid recorder in it.. like 2 Mpixels? lol. Well eye seems to be on the coast of SE NJ now, but not going inland NJ. Thunder and +RA here now and really ramping up. Up all night. Don't think negative about the winter yet.. Lol

  6. Lol, just do a forecast in the wind for the sake of it? Maybe if it isn't too hazardous. I'm not liking the land interaction that may come later with NJ. Oh well, this is a good segway into Autumn. Soon we'll be talking about heavy heavy snow. Or at least your area will...could be another 07-08 for me. :arrowhead:

  7. This is s nice break from late august weather anyway. It's something to track. W.LI is closer to you for LF. I get strong gusts here and less rafl. Overall.. not bad.. No suicide watches for me anyway. :scooter: Can you do a forecast in the wind?? That would be cool. I'll try to.. :lol:

  8. Yeah, looking at guidance it seems to be a more serious threat tonight. You'd get a ton of rain too with the wind gusts. I really don't want the 85 knots at my latitude per guidance.

  9. This threat is really starting to look pretty serious. I guess we have to wait til tomorrow 00z to really lock it in.

  10. You did nice then. good job. I had less action than you. More SVR Wx possible for you on Thurs. Then the Hurricane is progged over LI NY by Sat. Night..LOL. Dynamical models are east though. Man, either way, RAFL threat is Very high ..LOL You asked for it. What do you think?

  11. Those Friday night storms died out I spoke too soon lol. Yesterday was pretty wild though we probably got about half an inch with a few rounds of storms. What do you think of this hurricane threat? lol

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